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California’s 75 Percent Initiative: Defining the Future

The Legislature and Governor Brown set an ambitious goal of 75 percent recycling, composting or source reduction of solid waste by 2020. Instead of focusing primarily on local diversion, the law calls for the state and the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) to take a statewide approach to decreasing California’s reliance on landfills. CalRecycle has been tasked by the Legislature to examine how extensions of existing efforts, as well as new strategies, can be combined to reach that policy goal.

Fall 2013 Update

To keep stakeholders up to date on how we’ve integrated their feedback into the revised concepts for the statewide strategy, an update was published in October 2013 (PDF, 2.3 MB). It includes a refined concept list and summaries of stakeholder comments on the May 2012 concepts. This update also reflects ongoing staff work and collaborations with our sister agencies to move forward waste management recommendations that meet integrated environmental, energy, and economic policy objectives. Six focus areas rise to the top at this juncture:

  • Moving Organics Out of the Landfill
  • Continuing Reform of the Beverage Container Recycling Program
  • Expanding the Recycling/Manufacturing Infrastructure: Permitting/Compliance Assistance and Financing
  • Exploring New Models for State and Local Funding of Materials Management Programs
  • Promoting State Procurement of Postconsumer Recycled Content Products
  • Promoting Extended Producer Responsibility

We look forward to hearing any “new” ideas you may have that are not already included in the concepts.

Statewide Strategy for Reaching the 75 Percent Goal

To facilitate the development of that statewide strategy, CalRecycle developed a discussion document in May 2012 and held workshops for stakeholder input. The concepts represent a snapshot in time and summarize programs that are currently being implemented, as well as potential new ways to tackle problematic waste streams. Many are familiar because they call for extensions of existing programs. Some involve ongoing cooperative efforts with other agencies, and others require authorizing legislation or regulatory changes.

The draft organized the existing efforts and new ideas into “focus areas.” For each Focus Area, there are links for ongoing staff activities and stakeholder workshops related to particular concepts. Check the list of upcoming workshops below or past workshops.

CalRecycle’s recommendations will be presented as a report to the Legislature in January 2014. The report will reflect strategies already being implemented, as well as any that CalRecycle proposes to reach the statewide goal.

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