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Strategic Directives

CalRecycle is currently operating under strategic directives (purpose, vision, and core values) adopted in February 2007 and revised in March and June 2009. The Strategic Directives have served as a tool that allows the department to provide outstanding service to the State of California and reduce the amount of resources being wasted. Progress in meeting the 2007 Strategic Directives annual targets is described in the 2008 Strategic Directives Progress Report.

Purpose, Vision, and Directives

SD-1. Purpose and Vision
The purpose of CalRecycle is to protect and preserve our public health and safety, our resources, and our environment. To meet the mandates in the Integrated Waste Management Act, CalRecycle implements programs to reduce waste generation; divert materials from landfills; recover resources and direct them to their highest and best use in accordance with the Act’s waste management hierarchy (Public Resources Code section 40051); combat illegal dumping and remediate illegal sites; and, enforce applicable state standards. CalRecycle programs are also conducted in support of the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.

The vision of CalRecycle is a sustainable California, where all resources are conserved to the maximum extent feasible, greenhouse gases are reduced, in-state production of bioenergy and biofuels is enhanced, and our unique natural environment is preserved for future generations.

SD-2-12. Directives
These pages also include information on baseline measurements, metrics or performance criteria, annual targets, and key activities.

Note: SD=Strategic Directive, GP=Governance Process, BL=Board-Staff Linkage

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