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Public Notice: Informal Workshop to Discuss Proposed Changes to the Waste Tire Regulations

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Type: Informal Rulemaking Direction
Title: Informal Workshop to Discuss Proposed Changes to the Waste Tire Regulations
Public Notice Date: March 15, 2016


Event Type:


Informal Rulemaking Workshop



Proposed Revisions to Waste Tire Regulations–Collection Locations and Tire Brokers


Event Date & Time:


March 15, 2016

1:30PM – 3:30PM



1:30 to 2:30 pm-- Proposed Revision to Waste Tire Collection Locations Regulations.

2:30 to 3:30 pm-- Proposed Tire Broker Regulations.



Event Location:


Cal/EPA Building

Sierra Hearing Room, 2nd Floor

1001 I Street
Sacramento, CA  95814


Note: Webcast will be available for this event at

Online Webcast viewers will be able to submit questions during this presentation to





CalRecycle is conducting this informal rulemaking workshop to discuss and seek input from the waste tire regulated community regarding proposed changes to California’s waste tire regulations.  Proposed changes include revisions related to waste tire collection locations and new tire broker requirements.


Collection Location Background

In October 2014, CalRecycle completed a major revision to California’s waste tire regulations. These revisions included provisions establishing and governing the operation of waste tire collection locations. After the regulations became final, CalRecycle received concerns from the regulated community that had not been provided during the rulemaking public comment period. This new input noted unanticipated impacts on certain waste tire companies’ operations. CalRecycle has considered this information and determined that it is appropriate to re-open and make certain changes to the collection location regulations to address these issues and make them more comprehensive and workable for the waste tire regulated community as a whole.


Collection Location Rulemaking Process

This informal rulemaking workshop is the first event CalRecycle is conducting to discuss the proposed changes and receive input from the waste tire regulated community on the proposed regulations changes. Following this workshop, CalRecycle anticipates beginning the formal rulemaking process leading to adoption of the final regulations changes.

Tire Broker Background

In 2012 Assembly Bill (AB) 1647 (Gordon, Chapter 534, statutes of 2012), was enacted and signed into law in California, taking effect January 1, 2013. Among its provisions, AB 1647 requires that tire brokers who arrange for the shipment of used or waste tires that are imported into, exported from, or pass through California, to register with CalRecycle and submit periodic information on the tire shipments they arrange. 


Tire Broker Rulemaking Process

Beginning in December 2014, CalRecycle began an informal rulemaking process seeking input from the waste tire/tire broker regulated community prior to drafting proposed tire broker regulations, beginning the formal rulemaking process, and adopting final regulations. CalRecycle is conducting its second informal rulemaking workshop to explain the most current draft of the tire broker regulations, receive feedback, and answer stakeholder questions.  


For More Information

If you have questions, please contact Jean Whalen, CalRecycle Tire Hauler Compliance Unit, at (916) 341-6420 or




Contact Name: Albert, Bill

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