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Public Notice: Bishop Sunland Solid Waste Site - Inyo County

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Type: Revised Solid Waste Facilities Permit
Title: Bishop Sunland Solid Waste Site - Inyo County
Public Notice Date: September 18, 2017


Preliminary review of the permit package indicates the following proposed changes: 


  1. An increase in permitted maximum tonnage from 120 tons per day to 160 tons per day.
  2. An increase in the permitted disposal area from 68.44 acres to 75.08 acres.
  3. An increase in maximum elevation from 4250 to 4277 Ft MSL.
  4. An increase in design capacity from 4,039,760 cy. to 6,016,716 cu. yards.
  5. Estimated closure date changes from 2097 to 2064.







Contact Name: Comotto, Margaret
   Proposed Permit rec'd 5-11-2017 (PDF, 230 KB)
   Proposed Permit rec'd 8-8-2017 (PDF, 209 KB)
   Staff Report (PDF, 302 KB)
   Request for Action (PDF, 223 KB)
   Concurred Permit (PDF, 210 KB)
   Concurrence Transmittal Letter (PDF, 232 KB)

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