California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Permits and Other Applications to CalRecycle

The Government Modernization, Efficiency, Accountability, and Transparency Act of 2005 requires that any State agency that issues permits or licenses or accepts applications, proposals, bids, or similar requests shall post on its website, no later than January 1, 2007, "customer service" links to the following information:

  • How to obtain a permit or license or have an application granted.
  • How to appeal the denial of a permit, license, or application.

The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) and its predecessors have always striven to provide this kind of information on their websites. To meet the requirements of the act, this page provides links to the various parts of the CalRecycle site where the information is already housed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Permits and Registrations to Operate

  • Solid Waste Facility Permit Toolbox. This site provides comprehensive guidance to local enforcement agencies (LEA), operators, applicants, and CalRecycle staff for obtaining, processing, and maintaining new and revised solid waste facility permits and completing other permit-related tasks and responsibilities. This fact sheet provides answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Waste Tire Facility Permits. This page provides information and forms for those applying for a minor or major waste tire facility permit.
  • Waste Tire Hauler Registration. Anyone wanting to transport 10 or more waste tires at a time must register as a waste tire hauler. This page provides information and forms.

Registrations and Certifications to Receive Incentive Payments

Note, the following are voluntary programs.

  • Electronic Waste Recovery and Recycling Payment System. California has established a funding system to encourage collection and recycling of certain electronic wastes. A fee is charged when the items are first sold, and participating collectors and recyclers are reimbursed for materials that are recycled. Prospective collectors and recyclers must be approved prior to participation. This site provides information on the program and how to apply.
  • Certification of Used Oil Collection Centers. Certified centers accept used motor oil from the public and offer them a 16-cent-per-gallon recycling incentive. In turn, the centers can submit claims to be reimbursed by CalRecycle for the incentive. This site provides information on the program and how to apply.
  • Registration of Industrial Oil Generators. Businesses that maintain vehicle fleets and recycle their oil, as well as curbside collection programs, can apply as registered generators and receive the same incentives as the certified collection centers. This site provides information on eligibility and how to apply.

Other "Applications"

  • Grants/Loans. This page lists all of the CalRecycle grant and loan programs and links to the individual sites with more information on these programs.
  • Contracts. Occasionally, CalRecycle contracts out for services that cannot be provided by staff. This site provides information on current solicitations and how to bid.
  • Awards. At present, the only CalRecycle awards program is the Waste Reduction Award Program (WRAP). An application is available on the site during the annual application period.

Forms, Applications, and Appeal-Related Documents

  • Forms. Forms pertaining to CalRecycle's programs are found with the rest of the information related to those programs. In addition, there is a central forms page that links to the individual programs' forms pages.
  • Applications and Appeal-Related Documents. These documents are also housed with program-related information. See the links to the programs in the FAQ section above for the program you are interested in.

How to File a Complaint Electronically

Last updated: January 1, 2010
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