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FAQ: AB 2530 Plastic Recycled Content Reporting 

  • What is the purpose of the statute?
    Section 14549.3 of the Public Resources Code (PRC) requires reports of the amount of virgin plastic and postconsumer recycled plastic used in beverage containers sold in California.
    CalRecycle will post the information reported on the department's web site.
  • Am I required to report?
    If you meet either one of these conditions, you must report.
    • You fill plastic beverage containers for sale to distributors, dealers, or consumers. (PRC Section 14506.); Or
    • You import filled plastic beverage containers into California for sale to distributors, dealers, or consumers. (PRC Section 14506.)

    You do not need to report if:

    • You do not use plastic beverage containers and only fill or import beverages in glass, aluminum or bi-metal containers; Or
    • You only sell refillable beverage containers.
  • What do I have to report?
    The amounts of virgin plastic and postconsumer recycled plastic used annually.

    CalRecycle has developed an optional form to assist you with your reporting. You may choose to use CalRecycle's form or submit the information in a format of your choosing. The report must be submitted under penalty of perjury. Please see CalRecycle's optional form for a sample of a signature block with the required elements.

    The statute is not specific about how the amounts should be reported. Therefore, the department suggests you use one of these:

    • Amounts in tons or pounds.
    • Amounts in metric tons, kilograms, or grams.
    • The total amount of plastic used (by weight, with units), along with the percentages of virgin plastic and postconsumer recycled plastic comprising the total amount.

    Please be clear about what unit of measurement your report is in. For example, if your information is in metric tons, please say "metric tons." Please report all amounts using the same units.

    Providing the amounts of plastic used by resin code (PRC Section 18015) would be helpful to the department, but it is not required.

    Please do not include confidential information in your report because the department will post whatever you submit to the CalRecycle Website.

  • What is the department going to do with this information?
    CalRecycle will scan your submission and post it on the CalRecycle website by July 1, 2018.
  • What is the due date of the report?
    • For 2018. On or before March 1, 2018, for plastic beverage containers filled or imported in calendar year 2017.
    • For 2019 and later. You are required to report every March 1 for containers filled or imported in the previous calendar year.
  • Who can I call if I need help?
    For questions related to the new reporting requirement, please contact Marla Harper at (916) 323-2558 or
Last updated: January 19, 2018
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