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Beverage Container Recycling: It's in Your Hands

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The posters and stickers shown below are available for direct download and printing (PDF versions) or you may order up to 5 of most of them. To order hard copies, complete and submit the form below.

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Please note that we cannot ship to PO boxes and you must be located in California.

You can also order a recycling starter kit!

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Chimp Poster Chimp
13 x 19
Download (PDF, 395 KB)

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Gorilla poster Gorilla
12 x 18
Download (PDF, 465 KB)

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Mouse and Elephant Mouse and Elephant
11 x 24
Download (PDF, 155 KB)

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Poster compares throwing a boomerang and a plastic bottle and says Recycle Boomerang
11 x 17
Download (PDF, 1 MB)

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Poster shows a plastic bottle dreaming of becoming a fleece hjacket and says When Bottles Dream When Bottles Dream
11 x 17
Available for download only. (PDF, 75 KB)
Poster shows bare torso of muscular man crushing a can and says Recycle Muscle
11 x 17
Available for download only. (PDF, 203 KB)
Poster shows colorful cartoonish images of kids recycling and says Recycle Recycle at School
11 x 17
Available for download only. (PDF, 548 KB)
Recycle Waiter
11 x 17
Available for download only. (PDF, 114 KB)
Recycling symbol with text Bottles & Cans Bottles & Cans Sticker
8 x 8
Available for download only (PDF, 47 KB)

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Poster is simply two colors with the word We and the recycle symbol We Recycle Sticker
5 x 8
Available for Download only. (PDF, 24 KB)
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