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Beverage Container Recycling Program Reform 

The Beverage Container Recycling Program (BCRP) is currently operating under an approximately $100 million annual structural deficit as a result of the combination of historically high recycling rates, mandated program payments and general fund loans. The structural deficit means that program expenditures exceed program revenues under the current mandated expenditure and revenue structure. Potential program reforms will be required to address the structural deficit of the Recycling Fund and ensure the integrity and long-term viability of the BCRP.

This page will chronicle CalRecycle’s efforts to achieve those reforms, and will house documents available for comment, along with notices of workshops and meetings. We look forward to hearing from you along the way.

Current cash flow projections, which include scheduled General Fund loan repayments, can be found on the Quarterly Report on Status of the Beverage Container Recycling Fund.

Your Feedback

CalRecycle is interested in your ideas, suggestions, and proposals about program reform. CalRecycle will conduct and has prepared a schedule of focus group workshops concerning the potential structural reform of the BCRP (PDF, 400 KB).

For those unable to attend a workshop in person, each workshop session will be broadcast using GoToMeeting and the designated meeting process will provide the same opportunities for input and feedback. GoToMeeting registration for each workshop will be available via the CalRecycle Events Calendar.

Comments may also be sent in writing via e-mail or post. E-mail your comments to Please use "BCRP Reform" in the subject line of the e-mail. You can also submit comments via regular mail at:

Division of Recycling
801 K Street (MS 15-52)
Attn: BCRP Reform
Sacramento, CA 95814

In the interest of facilitating public discussion and to maintain transparency throughout this process, all written comments are available on our website.

Stay Informed

Sign up today for the Beverage Container Recycling Program Reform listserv to keep you informed about the latest developments and opportunities to participate in future workshops.

Program Reform Workshops

CalRecycle held two public meetings on July 10, 2012, and Aug. 21, 2012, to present the rationale for pursuing structural reform and to introduce a framework for presenting and carefully reviewing all of your comments. In order to kick-start the dialogue, a variety of ideas were provided to address potential structural reform and ensure program integrity.

For the next step, CalRecycle will conduct a series of focus group workshops concerning the potential structural reform of the Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Program (PDF, 400 KB), and we will also carefully review your comments. All materials for past and the upcoming workshops will be posted below in reverse chronological order as workshop materials become available.

Specific ideas to be discussed at each focus group workshop can be found on the Idea Master List. To add a new idea to be discussed at an upcoming focus group workshop, send your idea to Please use “Idea Master List” in the subject line of your e-mail and specify at which focus group workshop you would like your idea to be discussed.

Each workshop is designed to facilitate discussion and dialog between CalRecycle and workshop attendees. The meeting agenda will progress from one session to the next. The discussion of the same ideas will generally not be repeated in future sessions. More information about the general format of all of the focus group workshops can be found in the Standard Agenda (PDF, 390 KB).

Program Reform Workshop Contacts

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