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Beverage Container Recycling Program

Convenience Zone and Recycling Center Status Report

This is the master list of all active convenience zones, listing the recycling center in the zone when applicable. In cases where there are multiple recyclers in a single zone, that zone (denoted as “instance number” on the list) will be listed once for each recycling center. Information will display in alphabetical and numerical order by county, city, and instance number. You may also sort by individual column headings, such as “City” or “Instance/Zone Status” by selecting the column heading. This report can be exported to Excel (see bottom of grid) or you can generate a formatted PDF report (see button at upper right of grid). Learn more about convenience zones...
Instance / Zone Status:
CountyCityInstance NumberInstance / Zone StatusInstance Status Change DateMarket NameMarket AddressZipCertification NumberFacility NameFacility AddressOperational Date
AlamedaAlameda11196Served11/30/2007Trader Joes Market2217 S Shore Ctr94501-5722RC160680.001rePlanet LLC2217 S SHORE CENTER6/1/2012
AlamedaAlameda11427Served11/30/2007Safeway Store2227 S Shore Ctr94501-5722RC160680.001rePlanet LLC2217 S SHORE CENTER6/1/2012
AlamedaAlameda12015Served8/17/2010Nob Hill Foods2531 Blanding Ave94501RC156051.001rePlanet LLC2531 BLANDING AVE5/1/2012
AlamedaAlameda13135Served6/10/2003Lucky Store815 Marina Village Pkwy94501-1035RC164145.001rePlanet LLC815 MARINA VILLAGE7/1/2012
AlamedaAlameda13429Unserved11/10/2016Safeway Store867 Island Dr94502-6751    
AlamedaAlameda13740Unserved11/14/2007Encinal Market3211 Encinal Ave94501-4804    
AlamedaAlameda123841Served7/1/2015Safeway Store2600 5th St94501RC164145.001rePlanet LLC815 MARINA VILLAGE7/1/2012
AlamedaAlbany82824Exempt4/4/2014Berkely Natural Grocery1336 Gilman St94706-2453    
AlamedaAlbany178854Hold7/1/2017Sprouts Farmers Market1075 Monroe St947062267    
AlamedaAlbany10333Exempt4/14/2010Safeway Store1500 Solano Ave94707    
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