California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Climate Change and Solid Waste Management


The following contacts can provide more information about the climate change response activities being pursued by CalRecycle and other State agencies:

Climate Change Contacts
Position or Topic Name Phone
Branch Chief, Statewide Technical and Analytical Resources Brenda Smyth, CalRecycle 916-341-6605
Supervising Integrated Waste Management Specialist Clark Williams, CalRecycle 916-341-6488
Scott Beckner, CalRecycle 916-341-6595
Senior Integrated Waste Management Specialist Teri Wion, CalRecycle 916-341-6374
Landfill Methane Control Gino Yekta, CalRecycle 916-341-6354
Renaldo Crooks, Air Resources Board 916-327-5618
Commercial Recycling
Marshalle Graham, CalRecycle 916-321-6270
Composting and Other Organic Products Robert Horowitz, CalRecycle 916-341-6452
Lea Yamashita, Air Resources Board 916-323-0017
Anaerobic Digestion Jacques Franco, CalRecycle 916-341-6608
Ken Decio, CalRecycle 916-341-6313
Extended Producer Responsibility Kathy Frevert, CalRecycle 916-341-6476
Cynthia Dunn, CalRecycle 916-341-6449
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Kathy Frevert, CalRecycle 916-341-6476
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from Landfill Gas Gino Yekta, CalRecycle 916-341-6354
Last updated: August 9, 2013
Climate Change: