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2007 Angora Wildfire

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The devastating Angora wildfire in the Tahoe Basin in 2007 consumed 3,100 picturesque acres, more than 254 residences, and 75 outbuildings. The California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB), now CalRecycle, in cooperation with El Dorado County and several other State agencies, raced to protect, remediate, and restore this national treasure as quickly as possible.

Incident Status Summary: Friday, August 24, 2007

Day 40 and we remained an injury-free project.

Debris Tonnage as of August 23, 2007 (39 days of reporting)

  • 10 tons of metal were delivered for recycling.
  • 90 tons of concrete were delivered for recycling.
  • 826 tons of ash debris were delivered for disposal.
  • 59,454 tons were removed in 39 days.

Site Statistics

  • 257 sites requiring debris removal, known as of August 24, 2007.
  • 257 sites registered for the removal project.
  • 257 sites ready for debris removal.
  • 257 sites that have completed the removal stage.
  • 252 sites in the sampling stage (under testing).
  • 161 sites with sample results approved.
  • 10 sites certified by El Dorado County as ready for a building permit.

The document Scope of Work for the Angora Fire Structural Debris Removal--Lake Tahoe, California, dated September 15, 2007), was prepared by CalRecycle for El Dorado County.

As the Angora fire emergency moved into the recovery phase, CIWMB entered into an agreement with El Dorado County to have its contractor, A. J. Diani, remove construction debris, including destroyed cars, foundations, building materials, white goods, and household contents; perform random soil sampling of the building sites; and perform interim erosion/storm water run off controls.

Waivers: Information and forms regarding waivers and emergency work are available below for reference. (If you require special accommodation to access these documents pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact the Office of Public Affairs at (916) 341-6300 or

Based on experience responding to this fire, CalRecycle developed wildfire preparedness and response resources to assist local enforcement agencies (LEA) and local governments with debris management and disposal, household hazardous waste collection and storage, and ash cleanup and disposal.

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Disaster Preparedness and Response
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