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Photos: 2007 Angora Wildfire Cleanup (Lake Tahoe)

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Aftermath--destroyed property...

Burned debris and partial chimney structure with trees in background.
Home structure burned in the Angora Fire.

Metal garage door, warped.
A metal garage door is all that is left standing at this property site. A neighboring site was spared from severe fire damage.

White mailbox on stand.
This mailbox was left standing while the home behind it was completely destroyed.

Flag in foreground, debris in background.
American flags like this are posted throughout the affected neighborhoods showing hope and support.

Tree scorched by fire.
Scorched trees surround the neighborhood where the debris removal occurred.

A burned Jeep among other burned items.
A burned Jeep wrangler was discernable among the burned homes ashes and debris.

Two burned cars heavily dusted with ashes.
Burned trash cans and vehicles are all that remain of this homeowner’s garage.

A mangled garage door and other destroyed items at a property site.
Twisted metal debris, rubble and ash left behind in the wake of the Angora fire.

A property site with a playground in the backyard.
The Angora fire destroyed this entire home site but spared the children's play structure in the meadow.

Trees burned by the Angora wildfire.
Trees burned by Angora Fire.
A hand painted sign thanking firefighters and all other crews.
Hand-painted sign thanking firefighters and all other crews.
Sign: Thank you--we will rebuild.
Many home sites display signs of encouragement and thank-you messages for the hard-working debris removal crew.
Hillside after Angora fire.
View of hillside after the Angora Fire.

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