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Boles Fire Cleanup: Weed, California (2014)

After the 479-acre Boles Fire swept through the City of Weed (Siskiyou County) on Sept. 15, damaging or destroying more than 150 homes, CalRecycle was asked by the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services to provide recovery assistance by managing the cleanup.

The first phase of the cleanup project focused on ash and debris removal to minimize impacts to the surrounding community, and to prevent further migration of the materials as winter weather approached.

Following cleanup, crews worked to control future erosion at the fire-stripped sites and removed trees that posed a potential hazard due to the damage they suffered in the blaze.

Air monitoring and sampling within the project work areas were performed each day that debris was removed to verify control of fugitive emissions generated by the project. Samples were analyzed for metals and asbestos. CalRecycle also monitored the air around the community, including Weed Elementary and High Schools, to ensure that operational and engineering controls were controlling airborne hazards.

  • Debris Removal Status (Incident Status Summaries)
  • Milestone: Cleanup has been completed on all 134 sites. Approximately 30,000 tons of material were ultimately removed, including 21,000 tons of debris, ash and soil; more than 8,000 tons of concrete; and 485 tons of metal. The concrete and metal will be recycled.
  • Community Health and Safety Plan
  • Maps. Three maps: one of the City of Weed with the burn area shown straight through the middle, and one of each of the two distinct areas where homes burned.
  • Photos
  • News Release (October 10, 2014)

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