California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Boles Fire Cleanup: Weed, California (2014)

Incident Status Summary: Nov. 23, 2014

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Total Number of Right of Entry Forms Received

134 sites (includes library and two churches)

Project Status:

Debris removal is completed on all 134 sites. All confirmation sampling for metals has been completed on all sites and all 134 sites have met the cleanup goals for the project. Hydro-seeding was completed last Friday, November 21. Construction crews completed removing smaller trees and chipping them on the lots on Sunday, November 23. The professional tree faller completed the removal of all large trees that were determined to be a hazard on Monday, November 24. All work was shut down yesterday, and a small crew will be returning on December 1 to install erosion wattles and mats on the South Branch of the project. Project completion in the field is projected for December 5, 2014.

Project Totals

  • 134 sites registered for the removal project.
  • 11 sites denied entry.
  • 134 sites documented.
  • 134 Asbestos surveys completed.
  • 65 sites with asbestos containing material.
  • 65 sites cleared of asbestos-containing material.
  • 134 sites debris removal completed.
  • 134 sites sampled.
  • 134 sample results approved.
  • 134 erosion control completed.
  • 134 approved by City of Weed as ready for a building permit.
Material & Disposition Day Total
Disposal (debris, ash, and soil) not available 20,955.57
Concrete Recycling not available 8,210.82
Metal Recycling not available 484.82
Total   29,651.21

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