California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Integrated Waste Management Disaster Plan

Checklist - Chapter 1 - Government Coordination

Step 1: Define intradepartmental relationships, designate a debris manager, and establish a debris "team."

  • Designate a debris manager and establish a debris "team."
  • Identify key players responsible for debris management in local waste management and their place in the emergency organization.
  • Define roles of team members.
  • Establish a management structure.
  • Consider establishing a special engineering organization to handle debris management functions.
  • Coordinate debris management team with overall disaster recovery team.

Step 2: Outline and evaluate potential for specific disaster events and develop functional checklists for each.

  • Identify available resources and develop resource inventories.
  • Describe supporting facilities.
  • Develop standard operating procedures and checklists for each disaster.

Step 3: Become familiar with emergency response plans, procedures, and the Standardized Emergency Management System.

  • review local jurisdiction's emergency plan;
  • review State Emergency Plan;
  • review Federal Response Plan;
  • review CFR 44 (Code of Federal Regulations);
  • receive training on the Standardized Emergency Management System;
  • review regulations relating to state and federal disaster assistance; and
  • review federal Debris Removal Guidelines.

Step 4: Identify local, state, and federal agencies involved in disaster debris management.

  • Identify relationships with other governmental agencies that may have a role in your debris management strategy.
  • Coordinate debris management activities with Local Enforcement Agency.
  • Consult with solid waste facility operator(s) and Local Enforcement Agency on emergency waiver of standards regarding establishment of temporary storage or processing area.

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