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California Greenin'

Directories and Products

As technology advances and the need for environmental protection grows more and more businesses are developing "green" products. Here are some resources your organization can search to find some of these products.

California Materials Exchange (CalMAX). CalMAX is a free service designed to help businesses find markets for nonhazardous materials they have traditionally discarded. CalMAX helps businesses, industries, and institutions save resources and money.

State Contracts. Provides access to products, some with environmental attributes, that are available to state and local agencies in California.

Prison Industry Authority. A catalog of products, some with environmental attributes such as green cleaning products, that are available to state and local agencies in California.

Recycled-Content Product Directory. This directory is set up to assist individuals and public and private organizations to buy recycled-content products (RCP). The RCP Directory lists thousands of products containing recycled materials as well as information about the manufacturers, distributors, and re-processors of these products.

RecycleStore. The RecycleStore showcases innovative recycled-content products and puts you in touch directly with their manufacturers. Whether you are a wholesale buyer or an individual consumer, use this catalog to discover a variety of quality recycled-content products designed with your needs in mind. In fact, some manufacturers can personalize their products to your specifications.

Last updated: October 31, 2012
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