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California EEI Curriculum

The California Education and the Environment Initiative (California EEI) Curriculum is a cooperative, statewide effort to help K-12 students learn about the environment and how it relates to their everyday lives. This innovative curriculum is being developed by Calrecycle’s Office of Education and the Environment in collaboration with the California Environmental Protection Agency, various education partners, and school districts throughout the state. The EEI Curriculum offers a comprehensive approach to teaching selected California Academic Content Standards to mastery. This curriculum is not an instructional supplement.

More Curricula for Teachers and Students

CalRecycle curricula are available to educators at no cost! Our instructional materials offer accurate and current waste management information that encourages "reduce, reuse, and recycle" in the classroom and at home while making it exciting and interesting for both teachers and students.

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Closing the Loop
An interdisciplinary curriculum emphasizing waste prevention, recycling, composting, and vermicomposting through fun, hands-on activities.

Project Learning Tree: Municipal Solid Waste Module
A module that provides interesting experiments and case studies encouraging critical thinking and decision-making skills. Other classroom materials are available.

The Worm Guide: A Vermicomposting Guide for Teachers
A vermicomposting guide geared toward starting and maintaining a classroom worm bin. Worm bin building plans, troubleshooting tips, and new classroom activities make this guide a useful tool for teachers. (Replaces our previous publication--Worms, Worms, and Even More Worms.)

Pathways Through Earth Resources--A Case Study: Oil, Grades 6-12
A series of 18 companion lessons derived from the Earth Resources--A Case Study: Oil curriculum targeted for upper-grade and high school students. Aligns to the California Science Content Standards for specific grades/courses.

CalRecycle Publications: Education (K-12)
Browse and download instructional materials and curriculum correlated to the California Academic Content Standards.

Discontinued Materials

Earth Resources--A Case Study: Oil
A science-based curriculum that engages high school students through inquiry and laboratory investigations that focus on oil.

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