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General Sites

California Beverage Container Recycling
CalRecycle administers the California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act of 1986, which was developed to achieve and maintain high recycling rates for each beverage container included in the program.

Environmental Organization Web Directory
This directory contains all types of resources regarding recyclable products, recycling legislation, composting information, and available publications. Several links are provided on each recycling topic.

European Recycling and the Environment
This site contains links to multiple sources and references such as: government organizations, composting sites, glass recycling, metal recycling, motor vehicle dismantling, packaging, paper recycling, plastic recycling, textile reuse, equipment reuse, exhibitions, events, publications, and directories.

Global Recycling Network
This Web site provides a different perspective on the business of recycling for the educator and students, including a reference library for research.

Natural Resources Defense Council
The Council displays the top 10 reasons to recycle and why you should purchase recycled products. Links include articles and fact sheets on waste prevention topics, such as recycling, composting, New York City's recycling program, and the percentage of recycling rates in each state.

Recycler's World
This worldwide trading site for information relating to reusing or recycling commodities, by-products, used and surplus products, materials, and collectible items focuses on the business willing to buy or sell used goods. Students and teachers are provided with information on how products are reused and recycled for a new-used product.

A component of CalRecycle's Reuse Program, this site is a source for finding out contact information for organizations who promote the reuse of materials. A great resource for schools!

Safer Disposal for Solid Waste--The Federal Regulations for Landfills
This publication summarizes the federal regulations covering landfill location, operations, design, groundwater monitoring, closure and post-closure care, and financial assurance.

United States Environmental Protection Agency
The EPA's Office of Solid Waste has a Web site that is informative and provides a thorough overview on recycling, including activities for kids and numerous publications.

Waste-Free Lunches
What is a waste-free lunch program? What does a waste-free lunch look like? Answers to these questions are provided at this site for teachers and parents.

Material Types

Can Central
This Web site of the Can Manufacturers Institute serves as a clearinghouse of information about the can and the industry.

Flexible Packaging Association
This site provides the reader with information on how flexible packaging is used and industry facts.

Glass Container Recycling
The Glass Packaging Institute provides an educational packet including an "interactive poster" to pique students' interest in learning more about recycling.

PET Plastic
The National Association for PET Container Resources provides some fun facts about polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic.

Packaging Peanuts
The Peanut Hotline is your resource for finding a local drop-off location for "packaging peanuts", also known as polystyrene loose fill.

The American Iron and Steel Institute provides interesting facts about the recyclability and recycled content of steel.

Steel Recycling Institute
This interactive Web site promotes the recycling of all steel products and educates the solid waste industry, government, business, and the consumer about the benefits of steel's infinite cycle.

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