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School Diversion and Environmental Education Law (DEEL)

School DEEL graphicThe School Diversion and Environmental Education Law (DEEL), formerly referred to as Senate Bill 373 (Torlakson, Chapter 926, Statutes of 2001), created a series of integrated waste management and environmental education mandates for the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB).

These mandates furthered the mission of the CIWMB by assisting schools in their efforts to establish a unified education strategy where academic endeavors, administrative support, and facilities management work collaboratively to conserve resources and enhance substantive learning opportunities.

The School DEEL resulted in two grant programs, which concluded in spring 2005:

Key Documents

Key School DEEL documents offer help and background information for teachers and schools to use in creating lessons, developing service-learning projects, and designing unit plans on resource management topics. Also included are a sample campus needs assessment and sample environmental audits.

  • Draft School DEEL Desktop Reference
  • Case Studies and Technical Support: Manual showcases successful campus-based service-learning projects related to integrated waste management and energy, air, and water resources. Includes student surveys that have been developed and tested for use at the sixth-grade level.
  • Sample Campus Needs Assessment: Sample standards-based instructional plan to help teachers create an instructional unit that merges environmental service-learning with academic study. For use by sixth-grade students in assessing school's campus waste management practices and related resource use.
  • School DEEL Resource Manual: This manual offers general background information on issues related to integrated waste management, energy and air resources, and water resources. Some topics covered are history of waste management, hazardous waste, motor vehicles and the environment, and water management challenges. The manual also includes glossaries and listings of publications and websites for teachers of sixth-grade students.
  • Sample Campus Environmental Audits: Sample audits provide opportunities for sixth-grade students to collect data regarding their school's resource use and waste generation, analyze data collected, and evaluate results to plan service projects. Combines investigative methods with standards-based learning objectives.
  • Sample School DEEL Unit Plan: A sample plan offering investigations and classroom lesson plans that examine past and present use of natural resources. The plan, which features a fictional school, is based on a compilation of real experiences gleaned from the School DEEL program.

Background Information

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