California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Facility Information Toolbox (FacIT)

Confidentiality/Data Ranges

FacIT is a comprehensive inventory of all disposal and recycling facilities in the state available on CalRecycle’s website. FacIT data and tools are only as accurate/useful as the information provided by the facility operators.

Major Confidentiality Features

Much of the information in the FacIT facility database is drawn from public sources such as public databases, news sites and commercial search engines. However, some data such as facility tonnage throughput, total capacity, available capacity, and percentages of the various materials handled is collected directly from cooperating facility operators. These numbers are considered confidential and CalRecycle has an extensive program to ensure that the information is kept secure. Some features are:

  • Only the facility operator and a few CalRecycle technical staff may view and edit the confidential information by logging on to a secure CalRecycle website server with a unique WebPass and password.
  • The confidential information is stored on the data entry form in a way that makes it clear to the facility operator which numbers are considered confidential and how they are used. A shield symbol indicates numbers to be displayed only as a range and a padlock symbol indicates that the information is never displayed to the public, only used as aggregated data in the waste capacity projection model. An Example Page was created to see how the data is displayed in the database.
  • Confidential annual facility tonnage throughput and annual facility total capacity numbers on the CalRecycle website are never available to the public as a raw number; only broad ranges are shown. For example, an actual facility capacity of 300,000 tons per year would be shown on the website as being within the range of 100,000 to 499,000 tons/year.
  • The annual available capacity tonnage number and the input/output percentages of the various materials handled are never available to the public on the CalRecycle website. These are only used in calculations of capacity at the county, region or statewide level in the FacIT model.

Confidentiality Process

CalRecycle has a process to ensure that any confidential information provided to FacIT remains secure:

  • The initial set of facility data is compiled from public sources and professional estimates.
  • Facility operators are then asked to verify or edit the data about their facility to ensure the most accurate information possible goes online.
  • Companies providing information are clearly informed of which requested information will be treated as confidential and which may be released to the public. A Confidentiality Policy and agreement is offered to facility operators to ensure restricted access and disclosure of any sensitive information.
  • Sensitive data for an individual facility is masked from the public through the use of data ranges; some types of data are hidden entirely and only used for internal calculations.
  • Facility operators can view and edit their inventory information by logging on with a unique password to a secure CalRecycle website server.
  • CalRecycle staff access to sensitive data/information is password-protected and limited to only a few technical staff maintaining the FacIT database.
  • Confidential company or facility-specific data from multiple facilities is reported only as a summary number (e.g., as totals or averages across multiple facilities). The data is also aggregated at a geographic level with a number and size of facilities sufficient to ensure that a reader cannot reasonably infer sensitive data regarding a particular company or facility.
  • Special attention is given to safeguarding confidential data associated with large facilities whose data may be readily recognizable if aggregated only with small facilities in a given region.

If you have any questions regarding the handling of your confidential data, please email for more information.

Last updated: February 8, 2013
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