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Facility Information Toolbox (FacIT)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Facility Information Toolbox (FacIT) is a facility inventory and capacity projection model of California's solid waste handling, diversion, and market infrastructure.

If you have a question that you would like answered on this page, please submit it to and include this URL or web address in your e-mail.

What kind of data is in the FacIT inventory?

There are four basic types of facilities listed in the FacIT inventory:

  • Waste disposal facilities such as landfills and waste transformation to energy plants.
  • Recyclables initial collectors (government permitted programs such as household used oil collection sites).
  • Recyclables processors that sort and separate out recyclable material to produce industrial feedstock.  Examples include materials recovery facilities, construction and demolition facilities, and composting/chip and grind facilities.
  • Recycled materials manufacturers that take feedstock and further process and/or manufacture it into marketable material or recycle-content finished products. Examples include glass beneficiation and paper products plants.

Information about the listed facilities includes:

  • Location and public contact information
  • Activities at the site and tonnage throughput ranges
  • Materials taken in and produced
  • Other information if supplied by the facility (hours of operation etc.)

How accurate and complete is the data in FacIT?

FacIT data is only as accurate/useful as the information provided by facility operators. FacIT data has been compiled from CalRecycle databases, professional estimates, and industry sources to give a best estimate. Look for the “Verified” logo on the data listing page to see if the facility operator has edited and corrected the data to be the best information available.

How can I find somewhere to take my household recyclables?

If you have household recyclable materials (such as used oil), search a listing of recycling locations near you on the Data Central page. Also, try the Earth 911 database.

How often do facility operators have to update their data?

Participation is voluntary. In order to maintain data accuracy and eliminate obsolete information, facility operators are requested to update their FacIT listing information at least once annually or whenever changes are made to their operations.

Why should facility operators keep their FacIT data up to date?

The CalRecycle website receives more than 1 million unique visits annually. The FacIT pages will provide an additional layer of visibility for marketing your business.

The FacIT webpage shows your facility when searching for a facility on a map. When a visitor clicks on that symbol, they will see information about your facility, including: how to contact you, what operations you conduct, what materials you are interested in receiving and/or the products you offer, whether you do business directly with the public, and other details.

Please let us know if the data regarding your facility needs updating.  If your facility is not listed or you know of facilities that should be included in our FacIT database, please let us know by contacting the FacIT inbox.  The data is only as good as you make it.

Potential clients and business associates will be able to quickly find your facility, learn about it, link to your website, or send you an e-mail.

What does it cost to have my facility listed on the FacIT website?

There is no cost to you to be listed, but we do ask that you annually update your information on our website.

How can I view what the public sees about my facility?

Go to the detailed facility search, enter the name of the facility, or select the county where your facility is located, click the search button to see a list of all facilities, and click on your facility name.

My facility is not on the FacIT list. How can I get it added it to the inventory?

If your facility is not yet listed in the FacIT inventory, or has ceased operation and should not be listed, please e-mail your name and phone number to

How can I edit and verify data about my facility, activities or materials?

In order to preserve confidentiality, facility operators must log on with a unique password “Key” to the secure CalRecycle website server when editing their information. If you do not already have an access password, please email us at and we will reply with instructions on how to create a CalRecycle access WebPass. If you have a Web key and password, enter them on the log on page to access your site. More detailed information is available on the View/Edit/Verify your Facility Data page.

Last updated: February 8, 2013
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