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Facility Counts by Activity

The Facility Count by Activity report is a current list of activities in the FacIT inventory and the number of facilities participating in each activity statewide and in the four FacIT regions. View Region Map

Activity NameStatewide Total Active FacilitiesRegion 1 Active FacilitiesRegion 2 Active FacilitiesRegion 3 Active FacilitiesRegion 4 Active Facilities
Alternative Daily Cover/Alternative Intermediate Cover8310212527
Anaerobic Digestion171826
Beneficial Reuse789211731
Biomass Conversion2412253
C&D Materials Manufacturing45814815
C&D Processing5175519548219
Carpet Collection601722516
Chipping and Grinding16214492473
Composting - Research Operation1504110
Curbside Organics - Commercial22913932171
Curbside Organics - Residential22614981977
Curbside Recycling - Commercial3313111236112
Curbside Recycling - Residential76384191115344
Disaster Relief Operation60040
E-Waste Processing3729223
Engineered MSW Conversion40003
Glass Product Manufacturing154533
HHW/E-waste Collection237455037105
HHW/E-Waste Manufacturing10001
Inerts/C&D Disposal819201042
Maintenance Yard1673313148
Material Recovery Facility15817512367
Mattress Collection11717252352
Mattress Processing120426
Medication Collection4742121997137
Metals Refining Or Manufacturing104105
Other Energy/Fuel Technology21100
Other Organics Management2331055
Other Recycling Manufacturing48416622
Paint Recycler/Collector227807
Paper And Paperboard Converting51112
Paper And Paperboard Manufacturing101207
Paper Stock Processing64117343
Plastic Reclaimers94324463
Plastic Shredding And Grinding82423253
Plastics Manufacturing47491123
Scrap Metal Processing307189821166
Sharps Collection77787349106197
Solid Waste Disposal (Landfill)12616262955
Solid Waste Hauler - Commercial95499241104431
Solid Waste Hauler - Residential78199185107350
Tire Derived Fuel61005
Tire-Derived Product Manufacturing49310333
Transfer Station4651268259198
Used Oil Collection2,8051876512771,689
Used Oil Remanufacturing6138522
Waste Tire Disposal183555
Waste Tire Processing2328013
Total Facilities:10,8721,0953,0581,3265,077
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