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This page graphically displays the location and information about waste disposal and/or selected recycled materials processing and manufacturing activities in California. Use the Detailed Facility Search page to make more detailed choices by county, zip code or facility name.

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To make viewing easier, the information can be filtered with some viewing choices:
  1. Choose the type of map to view by using the selection buttons located on the map controls.
    • Viewing Options are: Road Map, Automatic, and Bird's eye. A standard two dimensional “road map” view is the default.
    • Use the up, down and sideways arrow keys and the plus and minus zoom keys on the map controls to identify your geographic area of interest; statewide is the default
  2. Choose a facility activity or material category of interest.
  3. Use the activity and material category check boxes to populate your map. Facilities and activities are represented by a symbol on the map, with the color indicating the type of facility/activity. Push the "View Map" button to activate your view choices.
  4. Select any facility location symbol to see more information about the site/activity such as the address, materials handled, capacity, etc.

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Activity Categories

Recycling Market (290) Recycling Market
Disposal (162) Disposal
Intermediate Processing (1021) Intermediate Processing
Waste to Energy, Fuels & Chemicals (20) Waste to Energy, Fuels & Chemicals
Collection/Transfer (4285) Collection/Transfer
Organic Materials Management (384) Organic Materials Management
Intermediate Processing (Statewide) (54) Intermediate Processing (Statewide)

Material Categories

Aggregated Flows (841)
Electronics (117)
Finished Products (14)
Glass (217)
Household Hazardous Waste (2891)
Inerts and Construction and Demolition (766)
Intermediate Products (2)
Mattresses (117)
Metal (490)
Organics (718)
Paper (242)
Plastic (343)
Residue (61)
Sharps or Medications (902)
Tires (310)
Facility Information Toolbox (FacIT),