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  •   Waste collection (inflow/feedstock).
  •   Processing and manufacturing activities related to disposal and/or recycled materials (outflow/products).

If you own or operate a recycling and/or waste management facility in California and you would like to be represented in the FacIT directory, please email us at

The California Department of Public Health regulates medical waste and maintains a list of home-generated sharps collection sites in California. CalRecycle includes these sites in the FacIT directory for your convenience.

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If no radius is specified, the results will return facilities within a 10-mile radius of the ZIP Code midpoint.

Selecting either an activity type or material type may display more results than if you selected both types, which would narrow your search. To select multiple items, use the “Shift” key (consecutive items) or the “Ctrl” key (nonconsecutive items). See the FacIT Glossary for material and activity definitions.


Facility Information Toolbox (FacIT),