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CalRecycle staff-assisted custom data reports:

If you cannot find the data you want in a prepackaged report on the FacIT home page, or by using the Quick Activity/Material Map page or the Detailed Facility Search page to create your own custom data report, you can submit a custom FacIT data request to CalRecycle staff for assistance (as time and staffing allows). Staff will analyze your data request to determine if it can, in fact, be met with FacIT data; and if so, will develop a custom report for you. The results will be in MS Excel format.

If there is any information that could be added to FacIT or is misrepresented, please let us know by sending your comments to the FacIT inbox.

See Also:

  • If the data you are seeking is not in FacIT, see the other resources box on the FacIT Home Page for other databases or agencies to search.
Last updated: November 26, 2012
Facility Information Toolbox (FacIT),