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Estimated Facility Capacity & Throughput

CalRecycle staff has prepared the data report below using the FacIT inventory.

The Estimated Facility Capacity and Throughput by Activity report below shows a current list of statewide activities and the total capacity, current throughput, and the available capacity for each activity annually.

Activity NameTotal CapacityCurrent ThroughputAvailable Capacity
Alternative Daily Cover/Alternative Intermediate Cover3,554,464 Tons/Year3,595,673 Tons/Year-41,209 Tons/Year
Anaerobic Digestion569,197 Tons/Year255,237 Tons/Year313,960 Tons/Year
Beneficial Reuse2,572,666 Tons/Year2,594,168 Tons/Year-21,502 Tons/Year
Beneficiation1,621,050 Tons/Year1,212,164 Tons/Year408,886 Tons/Year
Biomass Conversion3,183,122 Tons/Year3,183,122 Tons/Year0 Tons/Year
C&D Processing52,216,947 Tons/Year24,724,700 Tons/Year27,492,247 Tons/Year
Chipping and Grinding11,850,921 Tons/Year7,459,357 Tons/Year4,391,564 Tons/Year
Composting6,937,836 Tons/Year5,763,916 Tons/Year1,173,920 Tons/Year
Composting - Research Operation101,950 Tons/Year95,950 Tons/Year6,000 Tons/Year
Disaster Relief Operation***
E-Waste Processing203,281 Tons/Year156,383 Tons/Year46,898 Tons/Year
Glass Product Manufacturing1,019,424 Tons/Year902,768 Tons/Year116,656 Tons/Year
HHW/E-waste Collection305,010 Tons/Year227,515 Tons/Year77,495 Tons/Year
Inerts/C&D Disposal23,008,960 Tons/Year8,216,685 Tons/Year14,792,275 Tons/Year
Maintenance Yard588,238 Tons/Year296,767 Tons/Year291,471 Tons/Year
Material Recovery Facility36,916,966 Tons/Year15,784,457 Tons/Year21,132,509 Tons/Year
Medication Collection15 Tons/Year8 Tons/Year8 Tons/Year
Other Organics Management531,618 Tons/Year476,868 Tons/Year54,750 Tons/Year
Other Recycling Manufacturing***
Paper And Paperboard Manufacturing234,000 Tons/Year234,000 Tons/Year0 Tons/Year
Paper Stock Processing6,900,000 Tons/Year4,743,000 Tons/Year2,157,000 Tons/Year
Plastic Reclaimers299,990 Tons/Year267,392 Tons/Year32,598 Tons/Year
Plastic Shredding And Grinding158,050 Tons/Year144,950 Tons/Year13,100 Tons/Year
Plastics Manufacturing71,176 Tons/Year68,476 Tons/Year2,700 Tons/Year
Scrap Metal Processing150,472 Tons/Year77,736 Tons/Year72,736 Tons/Year
Sharps Collection42 Tons/Year20 Tons/Year22 Tons/Year
Solid Waste Disposal (Landfill)86,289,780 Tons/Year37,375,928 Tons/Year48,913,852 Tons/Year
Solid Waste Hauler - Commercial***
Solid Waste Hauler - Residential***
Tire Derived Fuel91,000 Tons/Year44,201 Tons/Year46,799 Tons/Year
Tire-Derived Product Manufacturing9,830 Tons/Year5,764 Tons/Year4,066 Tons/Year
Transfer Station61,653,297 Tons/Year26,029,268 Tons/Year35,624,030 Tons/Year
Transformation1,579,380 Tons/Year812,867 Tons/Year766,513 Tons/Year
Used Oil CollectionNANANA
Used Oil Remanufacturing***
Waste Tire Disposal***
Waste Tire Processing657,560 Tons/Year61,726 Tons/Year595,834 Tons/Year
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*Under CalRecycle's confidentiality policy, no data is shown unless there are at least three facilities listed in the database for an activity.
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