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Waste Prevention Clip Art

You are welcome to use these two collections of clip art in your home, office, and community for producing waste prevention materials of your own, (noncommercial use only). Many of these images have large dimensions and may need to be resized for specific use. They are viewed on line in GIF format, but can be downloaded in GIF, PCX, and TIF formats.

Collection 1, part A
Printers, dollar signs, trucks, alternative cleansers, buildings, grocery bags, boxes with packing material, two-sided copies, waste baskets, etc.

Collection 1, part B
Snack packages, coffee cups, soft drink bottles, boxes, compost bins, trucks, trees, leaves, the Earth, etc.

Collection 1, part C
Recycling symbols, plants, buckets, bins, bottles, cans, boxes, packaging, paper, etc.

Collection 1, part D
Parts A, B, and C combined into five composite images.

Collection 2, part A
Images about waste prevention topics at home.

Collection 2, part B
Images about business, the office place, and consumer shopping.

Collection 2, part C
Images about organics (composting and worms), landscaping (grasscycling), and waste prevention ideas.

Collection 1: Everything!
See downloading instructions below. It is available in GIF (908k) and PCX (754k) formats.

Collection 2: Everything!
See downloading instructions below. It is available in GIF (264k) and PCX (265k) formats. The original (better quality) images are available in EPS (1190k).

Downloading images

  • Method A: Select Collection 1 or 2 in GIF, PCX, or TIF format from the links directly above. The second collection is also available in EPS format. Both TIF and EPS formats provide much high quality images, but have larger files. When you click on the link, your browser will prompt you to save the file to your hard drive. Pick whichever is best for you. One "zip" file will be sent for you to save on your hard drive. An "unzip" utility (available for Windows, DOS, and Macintosh) is required to uncompress the file and gain access to the images.
  • Method B: To download a specific picture, view a clipart art page and click on one of the thumbnail images. A larger image will then load. In your Web browser, select "Save as..." from the File menu and save as a GIF. This works with Netscape Navigator. A similar option should be available in your Web browser. Holding the mouse button down (on Macintosh) or the right mouse button (on PCs) while the mouse pointer is over the image may also activate this function. If you have trouble, please send us a message and we'll try to help!

Image credits
Collection 2 of CalRecycle's waste prevention clip art was created by many individuals:

  • Larry Green of San Francisco, CA (415) 982-5036
  • Linda Middlesworth of Davis, CA (916) 456-3799
  • Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management, Indianapolis, IN (317) 232-8172
  • Illinois Dept. of Energy and Natural Resources of Springfield, IL (217) 785-2800
Last updated: December 29, 2006
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