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Glass Recycling and Markets

This site provides recycling/marketing resources for businesses, academics, recyclers, and glass product manufacturers interested in promoting the recovery and use of container cullet in California.

The Department of Conservation, Division of Recycling (DOC) reports that 620,000 tons of food and beverage container glass were collected in California in 1996. This figure does not include plate or automotive glass. DOC reports that buyback centers collected the largest amount of cullet in California, followed by curbside programs. The remaining cullet moved into the system from drop-off, reverse vending machine, and community service programs.

For more information on recycling and market-related issues, see the links to your left.

To find out where to recycle glass near you, call 1-800-CLEANUP or visit the Earth 911 website.

For a thorough review of market-related issues as of 1996, see Market Status Report: Container and Plate Glass.

Last updated: December 3, 2007
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