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Sustainable (Green) Building

Blueprint Tasks: Leadership buildings

Below is Action Item 6 and associated tasks from the strategy, Building Better Buildings: A Blueprint for Sustainable State Facilities (Blueprint). The Blueprint contains a ten-point plan to implement the Governor's sustainable building goal. Links to key deliverables are provided, if available.

Action Item 6 Develop "leadership buildings" to showcase sustainable building practices. Due Date


Establish a process to identify and develop "leadership buildings."



  • Develop a protocol to ensure that selected projects meet Sustainable Building Task Force approval. This protocol may include DGS project briefings and review/approval of RFP and RFQ documents.

January 2002



  • Select "leadership" projects in the early stages of the capital outlay process. These projects should provide examples of sustainable building technologies, materials, products, and systems.

Annual updates each July


  • In partnership with public utilities, local governments, Sustainable Building Advisory Council, and other entities establish a program to identify and develop "leadership buildings."

March 2002


Compile and distribute information on "leadership buildings." Including:
  • Number of state facilities with sustainable building features
  • Type of building
  • Climate zone
  • Square footage
  • Number of occupants
  • Total cost of building
  • Annual operating costs of building
  • Performance level of each building (e.g., LEED™ rating)
  • Projected whole building savings over the long-term
  • Occupant satisfaction and productivity
  • Lessons learned
  • Vendor information
  • Design and construction process innovations

Annual updates each January


Prepare and collect information on selected buildings for case studies (see Action Item 7).


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