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Blueprint Tasks: Assistance and Training

Below is Action Item 7 and associated tasks from the strategy, Building Better Buildings: A Blueprint for Sustainable State Facilities (Blueprint). The Blueprint contains a ten-point plan to implement the Governor's sustainable building goal. Links to key deliverables are provided, if available.

Action Item 7 Develop sustainable building technical assistance and outreach tools, including a training program for state departments, as well as local government and private sector partners. Due Date
7-1 Provide technical assistance during the design and development process for project concepts, budget packages, and other capital outlay phases.1 Ongoing
  • Develop and fund contracts for sustainable building architectural and engineering services.
  • Explore partnership opportunities with the utilities' "Savings By Design" program as one approach to provide technical assistance and resources (see Action Item 8).

January 2002

7-2 Implement an effective training program. Ongoing
  • Establish an interagency agreement between the Department of General Services and the California Integrated Waste Management Board to develop a sustainable building training program.
  • Develop training modules and conduct training for stakeholders. Assess the need for additional funding to expand the training program (e.g., conduct discussions with the Division of the State Architect.)
7-3 Develop and compile an "electronic tool kit" including fact sheets, guidelines, performance standards, model specifications, sample requests for proposals, sample public notices, case studies, resource listings, videos, exhibits, databases, software tools, and press releases. Ongoing
7-4 Establish and maintain a sustainable building website. Ongoing
  • Explore the inclusion of virtual tours, electronic bulletin boards, listserves, and other informational clearinghouse services.
September 2002
7-5 Develop sustainable building specifications. Ongoing
  • Work with the California Energy Commission (CEC) to compile a reference specifications guide for various sustainable products and systems. Update reference specifications annually.
January 2002


  • Work with the manufacturing and building industries to encourage development and testing of sustainable products.
March 2002
  • Work with the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, General Services Administration, and the state's Sustainable Procurement Task Force to develop a plan, database, and model specifications for sustainable building products, materials, and systems to include in contracting documents.


  1. Full implementation of this recommendation depends on having adequate resources for participating Task Force agencies. (Back)
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