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Sustainable (Green) Building

Blueprint Tasks: Standards

Below is Action Item 3 and associated tasks from the strategy, Building Better Buildings: A Blueprint for Sustainable State Facilities (Blueprint). The Blueprint contains a ten-point plan to implement the Governor's sustainable building goal. Links to key deliverables are provided, if available.

Action Item 3 Develop cost-effective building performance, operation, and maintenance standards. Due Date


Identify existing state laws, regulations, and other policies that complement the Governor's sustainable building goals. Incorporate relevant elements into the development of building performance, maintenance, and operating standards for state-owned and leased facilities. For example, integrating current recycled-content product procurement statutes, exceeding Title 24 energy efficiency standards, establishing siting criteria, and incorporating indoor environmental quality must be part of the standards. Annual updates each July


Explore the development of a state "green power" policy, similar to those enacted by the State of New York, City of Chicago, and the federal government under Executive Order 13123. In exploring the development of this policy, the Task Force should consider incorporating minimum levels of on-site renewable power generation to satisfy specific electrical loads (e.g., information technology and safety system), green power purchasing agreements, and the use of specific green power technologies (e.g., fuel cells and photovoltaics). July 2002


Draft and update building standards:  LEED supplement for California1, maintenance and operating standards, and guidelines2 (Tier Checklist). Annual updates each May


Review and update maintenance and operating standards. Annual updates each May


Submit draft building standards and guidelines to the Department of Finance for review. Annual updates each June


Adopt approved standards and guidelines into the capital outlay process and other relevant state programs (e.g., Golden Seal Program and state leasing requirements). Annual updates each July


  1. Develop performance standards using the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design™ (LEED) 2.0, or other, as a framework. (Back)
  2. Guidelines include checklists (Tiers) that the Department of General Services (DGS) is currently using, which shall be updated at least annually. Other guidelines include, but are not limited to: Department of Health Services' (DHS) requirements for avoiding possible health effects from electric and magnetic fields in the design and construction of schools that are applicable to any publicly-funded project, water-efficient landscaping, and design for recycling space. Guidelines shall consider building type, climate, length of occupancy, life cycle costing (see Action Item 2), and similar requirements from other state programs. (Back)
Last updated: September 4, 2014
Green Building
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