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Sustainable (Green) Building

Blueprint Tasks: Incentives

Below is Action Item 8 and associated tasks from the strategy, Building Better Buildings: A Blueprint for Sustainable State Facilities (Blueprint). The Blueprint contains a ten-point plan to implement the Governor's sustainable building goal. Links to key deliverables are provided, if available.

Action Item 8 Create programmatic, fiscal, and administrative incentives to facilitate the implementation of successful sustainable building approaches, including a Governor's sustainable building award. Due Date


Develop a sustainable building incentive package, including programmatic, fiscal, and administrative elements.



  • Catalog fiscal and programmatic incentives offered by other public and private entities, including federal, local, and state governments.



  • Propose fiscal incentives for review and adoption by the Department of Finance.

March 2002


  • Establish a fiscal incentive package that encourages sustainable building, including construction and demonstration project grants, no and/or low interest loans, tax credits, municipal and investor-owned utility programs, and design assistance incentives.

March 2002


  • Evaluate and report on streamlining the administrative procurement process for sustainable building products, systems, and technologies.

February 2002


  • Establish a sustainable building design competition and a Governor's award program, in partnership with the State Architects Excellence in Public Building Initiative. Awards should recognize projects in the design phase, as well as completed projects.

April 2002


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