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On August 2, 2000, Governor Davis issued Executive Order D-16-00 which established the Governor's sustainable building goal:

"To site, design, deconstruct, construct, renovate, operate, and maintain State buildings that are models of energy, water, and materials efficiency; while providing healthy, productive, and comfortable indoor environments and long-term benefits to Californians.

The objectives are to implement the sustainable building goal in a cost effective manner, while considering externalities; identify economic and environmental performance measures; determine cost savings; use extended life cycle costing; and adopt an integrated systems approach."

To accomplish this goal, the Executive Order directed the Secretary of the State and Consumer Services Agency (SCSA), then Aileen Adams, to consult with "appropriate private sector individuals and public officials," including:

The Executive Order further directed the Secretary to submit a report to the Governor recommending strategies to incorporate sustainable building practices into the development of State facilities, including leased property.

The Strategy

To develop this report Building Better Buildings: A Blueprint for Sustainable State Facilities (Blueprint) Secretary Adams convened a multiagency, interdisciplinary Sustainable Building Task Force and Technical Group comprising representatives from various State departments with specific fiscal, construction, and environmental policy expertise.

The Blueprint responds to the Governor's directive and is the first in a series of annual reports that will document State government's progress and ongoing efforts to implement the Governor's sustainable building goal.

As structured, the Blueprint:

  • Provides background information on the Governor's Executive Order and the tenets of sustainable building.
  • Describes existing State government and other public and private sector sustainable building efforts.
  • Identifies environmental and technological trends that complement implementing sustainable building practices in State government.
  • Describes current barriers to achieving the sustainable building goal, including administrative, budgetary, and process issues.
  • Proposes 10 major recommendations to address these barriers.
  • Establishes action plans and timetables to implement the recommendations.

Current Activities

The Sustainable Building Task Force and Technical Group ceased meeting as Governor Schwarzenegger signed Executive Order S-20-04 and created a Cabinet level Green Action Team.

Last updated: September 5, 2014
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