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Sustainable (Green) Building

State Training Program

The California Integrated Waste Management Board developed sustainable design training workshops for State personnel. Workshop attendees received the tools necessary to integrate sustainability into State construction projects. This dynamic 8-hour training covers topics found in the California Sustainable Design Training participant's manual. The manual provides in depth information on each of the topics listed below as well as references for further investigation as appropriate to an individuals needs.

California Sustainable Design Training 2001

This manual was developed as part of a ten-point plan to implement the Governor Davis' sustainable building goal as outlined in Executive Order D-16-00 and the report Building Better Buildings: A Blueprint for Sustainable State Facilities (Blueprint). Task 7 of the Blueprint called for developing sustainable building technical assistance and outreach tools, including a training program for state departments, as well as local government and private sector partners. This manual was developed by the California Department of General Services, the Sustainable building task force, and CIWMB as one component of the sustainable building training program for state departments.

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