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Recommended Web Browsers

This site is designed for viewing using browsers that support HTML 3.2 and above (version 4 or greater for most web browsing software). However, for best viewing, you are strongly encouraged to upgrade to the most current version of your web browsers' software. Below is a list of widely-used web browsing software and links to download them at no cost to you.

Document Viewers

This site includes downloadable documents in the formats listed below. Links to free viewing software for these formats are included for your convenience.

CalRecycle Categories

CalRecycle has developed a set of categories to consistently index/categorize its information resources where practical. The categories are primarily used to enhance CalRecycle's Internet search engine and site index by providing "Best Bets" links to important CalRecycle information resources. This is accomplished by applying the categories to various CalRecycle information resources, including CalRecycle publications, and calendar listings. For more information, contact the CalRecycle Webmaster.


CalRecycle (and all other California State agencies) is in the process of converting its pages to updated templates using the latest web technologies meeting accessibility standards. Those pages that have been converted use a special style sheet for printing, which removes the navigation pieces at the top and sides and prints only the "content." This saves paper and ink by removing content not specific to the individual page being printed. To print a page as it appears on screen, you will need to use "print screen" or a screen capture program.

Last updated: September 16, 2011
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