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Used Oil Recycling

  1. Used Oil Recycling Wheel. Wheel with an oil-drop graphic, and rotating cut-out portion displaying recycling information. (CHID 1337)
  2. Get in Gear! Recycle Used Oil. Flyer listing regional used oil facts and Infoline number. Back has collection center numbers. (CHID 609)
  3. Waste Minimization is Pollution Prevention. Oily cat graphic with hotline number. List steps and acceptable items for recycling. (CHID 1829)
  4. Top 10 Reasons to Recycle Your Used Motor Oil. List reasons to recycle on front. Back has addresses and phone numbers of collection centers.  (CHID 649)
  5. Not Sure Where To Drop Your Used Oil Filter? Give Us A Call. Ad has an oil-filter picture and hotline number. (CHID 1089)
  6. "Family Car" Oil Recycling Lesson. An oil recycling lesson designed for use in adult ESL (English as Second Language) classes.

Collection Centers

  1. Oil Drop Character with city name, call numbers, and used oil logo. (CHID 2039)
  2. State Certified Used Oil Collection Centers with city name, map, used oil logo, and collection center numbers. (CHID 2139)


  1. Farmers Recycle Used Oil with drain, transport and recycling oil information, renewable information, drop off locations, and used oil logo. (CHID 3559)
  2. Used Oil Recycling for Agricultural Producers with Hauling Permit information, collection center call numbers, and used oil logo. (CHID 3566)


  1. Free Bilge Pad Exchange Program. Program information on beach graphic background. (CHID 2132)


  1. The Bay begins at your front door! Discusses how "you can prevent pollution of our creeks and bays". Various appropriate pictures. (CHID 229)

Household Hazardous Waste

  1. Refuse and Recycling Program Information which gives important telephone numbers, green waste recycling, waste disposal centers, and Household hazardous Waste information with used oil logo. (CHID 1800)
  2. Hazardous Waste Disposal Program which includes storage, transportation, and registration information. (CHID 1828)

Garden/Pest Management

  1. The Less-Toxic Garden, Quick guide to car care for Do-It-Yourselfer. (CHID 2106)
  2. Fix It, Control and Prevent Pests & Plant Disease Without Pesticides. (CHID 2103)
  3. Use Safe Weapons in the War on Garden Pests with hotline numbers and insect and spray chart. (CHID 1787)


  1. Cambia used mismo el aceite de su motor? Lists steps to recycling your used motor oil and filter. (CHID 1796)
  2. Recicle Aceite Usado de Motor...Cada Gota Cuenta. "Recycle Used Motor Oil…Every Drop Counts". Bilingual flyer has a map with collection center locations. (CHID 582)

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