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Carpinteria, USA--Oil in the City

This is an interactive CD-ROM designed to inform people about the proper use of motor oil in a fun and interactive way.  It features local Carpinteria people and places. The program opens with an aerial photo of the Carpinteria Valley. After the opening sequence, users can click on different locations from the aerial photo to view 360 degree panoramic view of those sites. Within the sites are "hot spot" question marks which trigger short videos. The segments range from surf videos with music by The Upbeat, to low rider cars and rapper Ice T. Ordering information is below.

Arial photo of Carpinteria  Arial photo of Carpinteria showing neighborhood, school and more.
Select these images to enlarge The CD-ROM contains a large number of videos and interactive media that illustrate the importance of proper recycling for used motor oil. Below are snapshots from four of the videos.

The Ocean video describes the problems when oil reaches the sea.

Underwater photo of a fish. Man pouring oil into container.

Learn how these competitors help protect the environment.

Front of a car jacked up with two people staning beside it.

The food chain video illustrates how pollutants work their way up the food chain.

Baby looking at a book about fishes. Picture of a fish, front view.

Hear what surfers have to say about disposing of used oil properly.

Surfer riding a wave.


Computer Requirements

This program is designed for Windows based Pentium computers. The minimum computer requirements are 133 MHz, 16 MB ram, 8 speed CD-ROM, Windows 95.  For best results, the monitor should be set to 16 bit color and a screen resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. In order to use the CD-ROM, you need to have approximately 28 MB of free space on your hard drive. The program may play better on some computers than others, depending upon the software loaded, sound card and possibly conflicting programs.

Ordering Information

You may contact the production company directly to order a copy:

Nimmer Pictures
5296 El Carro Lane
Carpinteria, CA  93013
(805) 566-0198

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