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Sharps Stakeholders Meetings

The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) conducted two Sharps stakeholders meetings to inform participants and to solicit suggestions on how to implement Senate Bill (SB) 1305 and properly collect and dispose of sharps.

The purpose of the meetings was to hear about some of the ways that local governments, businesses, and nonprofit organizations are working to ensure that sharps are properly disposed of and how the State will assist in these efforts. The workshops were held in advance of a September 1, 2008, ban on disposing of sharps in California landfills.

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The following presentations and notes examine potential solutions to appropriately managing sharps waste in California. The meeting notes summarize stakeholders’ concerns and suggested options for implementing successful sharps waste collection and disposal programs.

Workshop Information (topics, agenda, notes)

March 17, 2008

August 25, 2008

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