California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Illegal Dumping Enforcement Task Force

Issues under Consideration for Inclusion in Final Report

May 24, 2006

The numbering system used on this page is based on the four major categories (A through D) and subcategories in the U.S. EPA Illegal Dumping Prevention Guidebook. The illegal dumping related issues delineated below were developed by the task force, discussed and prioritized at their May 24, 2006 meeting. Priorities were determined by vote of the task force. The number of votes received for each issue are indicated in parenthesis. The top priority items are highlighted in bold print.

If you would like to comment on these issues or discuss other illegal dumping related issues, please contact Ken Stuart, the task force coordinator. These issues, and any additional issues, will be discussed at the September 14, 2006 task force meeting at the CalEPA Building in Sacramento, where final priorities will be decided.

A. Site Maintenance and Controls

A1. Statewide clean and lien authority for local jurisdictions (2)
A1. State funding for specified local clean/lien programs (0)
A1. Grant monies for local programs/block grants (3)
A1. Farm and ranch solid waste cleanup grants–application streamline (4)
A1. Point of use fee for new grocery bags (0)
A1. Authority for utilization of funds via diversion (0)
A1. Cooperative funding of illegal dumping cleanup projects by authority to combine state agency monies
A1. Provision of cleanup funds for private property owners (1)

A2. Predisposal fees for high incident items (7)
A2. Vehicles license fee for mitigation funding (0)

B. Community Outreach and Involvement

B1. County/city coordination of programs (0)

B2. Disposal vouchers
B2. Enhancement of public education (8)
B2. Enhancement of enforcement training–public and private (6)

B2. Statewide authority to establish local environmental trust funds (1)

C. Targeted Enforcement

C1. Requirement for mandatory refuse collection on a statewide basis (1)
C1. Waste hauler permits-statewide with local permit issuance (7) +
C1. Cradle to grave ownership responsibility (3) +
C2. Statewide standardization of acceptable evidence and prosecution (1) +
(Note: C1, C1 and C2 are now tied as one issue-waste hauler permits)

C1. Standardization of illegal dumping laws

C2. Vehicle impoundment authority of vehicles used for illegal dumping (7)
C2. Funding for enforcement staff, including rural counties (6)

C2. Access to Department of Motor Vehicle records (0)
C2. Governing illegal street vendors (0)

C3. Equipment loans (i.e. surveillance cameras) (0)
C3. Hours of operation amendments (0)
C3. Waste collection at recycling facilities (0)

D. Program Measurement

D1. Designation of one state agency that is responsible for enforcement activities in illegal dumping, litter and illegal disposal of solid waste (4)


  1. The number identified in parenthesis indicates the number of votes received from task force. Each Task Force member was given six votes to cast.
  2. The issues in bold indicate the top six priority issues identified by the task force.

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