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75 Percent Initiative: California's 75 Percent Recycling Initiative

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AB 32: Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: See Climate Change
AB 341: See 75 Percent Initiative
About CalRecycle: About CalRecycle, Contact CalRecycle
Acronym: Acronyms for Local Enforcement Agencies, Local Government Diversion Assistance Acronyms, Used Oil & Household Hazardous Waste Acronyms   See also: Glossary
Agriculture: Agricultural Used Oil Dropoff Locations, Farm & Ranch Cleanup Grants, Organic Materials Management: Farming, Sustainable Agriculture
Air Emissions: Air Emissions: Composting Facilities
Alternative Daily Cover (ADC): See Disposal Site Cover
Anaerobic Digestion: Anaerobic Digestion (Facility Permitting), Biochemical Conversion Processes
Annual Report: CIWMB Annual Reports Archive, Local Government Diversion Reporting, Local Government HHW Reporting
Appliances: Appliance Waste Management Home Page
Asphalt: Construction & Demolition Debris Home Page
Awards: CalMAX Connection of the Year, State Agency Recycling Recognition Awards, Trash Cutters Local Government Awards, Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP)


Batteries: Battery Waste Prevention and Recycling
Beverage Containers: Beverage Container Enforcement, Beverage Container Recycling Home Page
Biomass: Biomass Diversion Credit Web Page, Conversion and Biomass-to-Energy Home Page   See also: Conversion Technologies
Biosolids: Biosolids Home Page
Board & Committee Meeting Archives: See CIWMB Meeting Archives
Broadcasts: Public Broadcasts   See also: Videos
Business: Business and Industry Resources
Buy Recycled: Buy Recycled Home Page

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Calendar: CalRecycle Events Calendar
CalMAX: CalMAX Home Page
Carpet: Carpet Materials Management Home Page, Carpet Reuse and Recycling
Case Studies: Agriculture and Erosion Control Projects, CalMAX Connections of the Year, Case Studies in Packaging, Case Studies in Waste Prevention, Environmental Ambassador School Districts, Event-Facility Waste Reduction Case Studies, Food Scrap Reduction Case Studies, Green Building Case Studies, Recycling-Based Business Profiles, Resource-Efficient Landscape Projects, Reuse Organization Profiles, School Waste Reduction Case Studies, Successful Local Program Case Studies, Trashcutters Award Winners
Cellular Phones: See Electronic Products
Children: See Kids
Christmas trees: See Holiday Waste
CIWMB Meeting Archives: CIWMB and Committee Meeting Archives
Cleanup: See Site Cleanup
Climate Change: Climate Change Home Page
Clip Art: See Images
Closed, Illegal, and Abandoned Sites: CIA Sites Home Page
Collector: See Recycler
Combustion: See Transformation
Commercial Recycling (Mandatory): Mandatory Commercial Recycling
Complaint: See Environmental Complaints
Compost: Compostable Materials Management, Home Composting Home Page, Purchasing Compost and Mulch   See also: Organics
Compost/Mulch Producer: Compost and Mulch Producers
Composting: Compost and Mulch Producers, Food Scrap Composting, Home Composting   See also: Organics
Computer Monitors: See Electronic Products
Computers: See Electronic Products
Construction/Demolition Debris: Construction & Demolition Debris Home Page
Consumer: Bottles and Cans, EWaste Recycling, Information for Consumers   See also: General Public
Contact Us: Contact CalRecycle, Where is CalRecycle Located?
Contractor: Contractor Publications Guide, Contracts Home Page
Contracts: Contracts Home Page
Conversion Technologies: Conversion Technologies Home Page
CRTs: See Electronic Products
Curbside Recycling Programs: Curbside Beverage Container Recycling


Daily Cover: See Disposal Site Cover
Data: Data Central, Databases Directory
Dealer: See Retailer
Definition: See Glossary   See also: Acronym
Developer/Designer/Builder: Green Building Home Page
Diapers: Diaper Waste Management
Disaster: Disaster Preparedness and Response
Disposal: Safe Disposal Home Page
Disposal Reporting: Disposal Reporting System
Disposal Site Cover: LEA Advisory #48: Disposal Site Cover Regs
Distributors: Beverage Distributors

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E-Waste: See Electronic Products
Economics: Economics Publications
Educator: Environmental Education
Electronic Products: Electronic Product Management Home Page
Electronic Waste: See Electronic Products
Employment: Jobs and Examinations   See also: Human Resources
Enforcement: Enforcement Home Page
Enforcement Program Plan (EPP): Enforcement Program Plan Toolbox
Environmental Complaints: File Environmental Complaint
Environmental Education: School Waste Management Education & Assistance
Environmental Justice: Environmental Justice Home Page
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP): Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Home   See also: Buy Recycled
Erosion Control: Erosion Control Home Page
Event Coordinator: Waste Reduction at Venues and Events
Events: See Calendar
Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR): Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Home


Facility Information Toolbos (FacIT): FacIT Home Page
Farmer: See Grower
Feedback: Feedback/Contact Form
Feeds: See RSS
Financial Assurances: Solid Waste Facility Financial Assurances
Fluorescent Tubes: Fluorescent Lights Management   See also: Household Hazardous Waste
Food Scrap: Food Scrap Management Home Page
Food Service: Food Scrap Management, Food Service Waste Reduction, Waste Reduction at Venues and Events
Food Waste: See Food Scrap
Forms: Forms Home Page

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General Public: "You Can Make a Difference"   See also: Consumer
Glass: Glass Recycling Home Page
Global Warming: See Climate Change
Glossary: Annual Report Program Codes Glossary, Conversion Technology Glossary, Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Glossary, Glossary of Common Permit Terms, Local Government (Jurisdiction) Glossary, Organic Materials Management Glossary, School District Diversion Glossary, Solid Waste Information System Definitions, State Agency Buy Recycled (SABRC) Glossary, State Agency Waste Management Plan Glossary, Venues & Events Waste Reduction Glossary, Waste Prevention Terms and Definitions, Waste Tire Manifest Program Glossary   See also: Acronym
Grantee/Borrower: Grants, Payments, and Loans Home Page
Grants: Grants, Payments, and Loans Home Page
Graphics: See Images
Grasscycling: Grasscycling Home Page
Green Building: Green Building Design and Construction
Green Lodging: Green Lodging Home Page
Greenhouse Gas: See Climate Change
Grocery Bags: See Reusable Grocery Bag Certification
Grower: See Agriculture


Hazardous Waste: See Household Hazardous Waste
Health & Safety: Health and Safety Home Page
Health Care Waste: Health Care Waste Home Page, Sharps Home Page   See also: Medication Waste
Hearings: Waste Tire Informal Hearings
Herbicides: See Household Hazardous Waste
HHW: See Household Hazardous Waste
Holiday Waste: Holiday Waste Reduction Home Page
Hospitality: Hospitality Waste Management Information   See also: Event Coordinator
Household Hazardous Waste: HHW Home Page
Hypodermic Needles: See Sharps

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Illegal Dumping: Illegal Dumping Resources Toolbox   See also: Closed, Illegal, and Abandoned Sites
Images: Image Gallery Home Page
Incineration: See Transformation
Information Technology: Information Technology Services White Papers
Intermediate Cover: See Disposal Site Cover


Jobs: See Employment
Junk Mail: Reduce Unwanted Mail at Home, Reducing Unsolicited Mail at Your Business

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Kids: Kid's Stuff, Recycle Rex


Landfill Gas: Landfill Gas Home Page
Landfill Operator: See Solid Waste Facility
Landfills: See Solid Waste Facility
Landscape Waste Prevention: Commercial Landscaping Home Page
Landscaper: Commercial Landscaping
Laws: Legislation and Regulations
LEA: See Local Enforcement Agency (LEA)
LEA Advisories: LEA Advisories Home Page
LEA Central: See Local Enforcement Agency (LEA)
Legislation: California Solid Waste Legislation
Library: Local Government Assistance Library, Publications
Links: Links Home Page
Listserv: Listserv Information
Litter: See Illegal Dumping
Loans: Grants, Payments, and Loans Home Page, Recycling Market Development Zone Loan Program
Local Enforcement Agency (LEA): LEA Central, LEA Portal (SWIS), SWIS Digitial Inspections (DIP)
Local Government: Local Government Central, State & Local Government Resources, Venues & Events Waste Reduction
Logos: See Images
Lumber: See Wood

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Manufacturer: Beverage Container Manufacturer, Beverage Manufacturer, Electronics Manufacturers, Free RMDZ Services for Manufacturers, Market Development Resources   See also: Business
Market Development: Market Development Resources
Materials Exchange: CalMAX Home Page
Materials Recovery Facility (MRF): See Solid Waste Facility
Mattresses: Mattress Product Management Home Page
Media: Press Room Home Page
Medical Waste: See Health Care Waste
Medication Waste: Medication Waste Home Page   See also: Health Care Waste
Meetings: Broadcasts, Decisions & Public Participation, Events Calendar
Metals: Metals Recycling Home Page
Mission Statement: CalRecycle Vision, Mission, and Values   See also: About CalRecycle
Mulch: Organic Materials Management Home Page


Newsprint: Recycled-Content Newsprint Program Home Page   See also: Paper

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Office Waste Management: Office Paper Reduction Home Page
Oil: See Used Oil
Oil Filters: See Used Oil
Ombudsman: Ombudsman Home Page
Organics: Organic Materials Management Home Page
Organization Charts: Organization Charts


Packaging: Packaging Waste Reduction Home Page, Rigid Plastic Packaging Containers (RPPC)
Paint: Paint Product Management Home Page, Recycled Latex Paint Web Page
Paper: Paper Information and Resources Home Page
Permitting: Permit Toolbox, Solid Waste Facility Permitting, Waste Tire Facility Permitting
Pesticides: See Household Hazardous Waste
Pharmaceuticals: See Medication Waste
Photos: See Images
Plastics: Plastics Information and Resources Home Page, Types of Plastic
Policy/Ordinance Samples: Construction & Demolition Debris Ordinances, Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policies, Event/Venue Ordinances and Policies, Green Procurement Policies, Model Local Government Procurement Policies
Posters: See Images
Press Releases: Press Room
Processor: See Recycler
Procurement/Purchasing: Buy Recycled Home Page, Environmentally Preferable Purchasing
Product Stewardship: See Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)
Public Affairs: See Media Relations
Public Participation: Decisions & Public Participation, Public Notices
Public Records Act Request: Public Records Request Information
Publications: Publications

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Rancher: See Grower
RCP: See Recycled-Content Products
Records: See Public Records Act Request
Recycled-Content Products: Buy Recycled Home Page, Recycled-Content Product Manufacturers, Recyclestore Home Page   See also: Buy Recycled
Recycler: Beverage Container Recyclers & Processors, Certified Used Oil Collection Centers, EWaste Collectors & Recyclers
Recyclestore: RecycleStore Home Page
Recycling: Recycling Home Page
Recycling Containers: Recycling Containers Vendor List
Recycling Coordinator: State Agency Waste Management, Waste Reduction and Recycling Information
Recycling Market Development Zones (RMDZ): RMDZ Home Page
Regulations: Legislation and Regulations, Regulations Home Page
Remediation: See Site Cleanup
Reporter: See Media
Request for Proposal: See Contracts
Rerefined Oil: Rerefined Oil Home Page   See also: Used Oil
Restaurant: See Food Service
Retailer: Beverage Retailer, Electronics Retailers
Reusable Grocery Bag Certification: Certified Reusable Grocery Bag Producers, Single-Use Carryout Bag Ban
Reuse: Reuse Home Page
RFPs: See Contracts
Rigid Plastic Packaging Containers: Rigid Plastic Packaging Containers Home Page   See also: Plastics
RMDZ: See Recycling Market Development Zones (RMDZ)
RMDZ Administrator: RMDZ Zone Administrator Home Page
RPPC: See Rigid Plastic Packaging Containers
RSS: CalRecycle RSS Feeds
Rubber: See Waste Tires
Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (RAC): RAC Home Page   See also: Tire-Derived Aggregate (TDA)
Rulemaking: Rulemaking Home Page


SABRC: See State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC)
SB 20: See Electronic Products
School/District Administrator: High Performance Schools, School Waste Reduction Home Page
Search: CalRecycle Web Site Search
Sharps: Sharps Waste Home Page   See also: Health Care Waste
Single-Use Carryout Bag Ban: See Reusable Grocery Bag Certification
Site Cleanup: Solid Waste Disposal Site Cleanup Program
Site Index: CalRecycle Web Site Index
Sludge: See Biomass
Solid Waste Facility: Landfills and Other Solid Waste Facilities
Solid Waste Information System (SWIS): LEA Portal, SWIS Internet Home Page
Solvents: See Household Hazardous Waste
Source Reduction: See Waste Prevention
Staff Directory: Staff Directory
State Agency: State Agency Waste Management
State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC): SABRC Home Page
Statutes: See Laws
Strategic Directives: Strategic Directives
Sustainable Building: See Green Building
SWIS: See Solid Waste Information System (SWIS)

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Teacher: See Educator
Tire Grants & Loans: Tire Equipment Loan Program, Tire Recycling, Cleanup, & Enforcement Grants
Tire-Derived Aggregate (TDA): TDA Home Page   See also: Rubberized Asphalt Concrete (RAC)
Tire-Related Business: Used/Waste Tire Manifest Program
Tires: Tire Management Home Page   See also: Waste Tires
Title 14 Regulations: See Regulations
Title 27 Regulations: See Regulations
TPID: See Waste Tire Manifest System
Training: LEA Training, Training Videos
Transcripts: See Agendas
Transfer Station: See Solid Waste Facility
Transformation: Conversion and Biomass-to-Energy Home Page, Transformation Diversion Credit
Trash Bags: Recycled-Content Trash Bag Program Home Page   See also: Plastics


Universal Waste: Universal Waste Home Page   See also: Household Hazardous Waste
Used Oil: Used Oil Recycling Home Page
Used Oil Recycling: Used Oil Recycling
Used Oil Rerefining: Rerefined Oil Home Page
Used Oil/HHW Grants: Used Oil/HHW Grants Home Page   See also: Household Hazardous Waste

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Venue Operator/Manager: Waste Reduction and Venues and Events
Vermicomposting: Worm (Vermicomposting) Information   See also: Organics
Videos: Videos   See also: Broadcasts


Waste Audit: See Waste Characterization
Waste Characterization: Solid Waste Characterization, Waste Stream Measurement and Analysis   See also: Waste Diversion
Waste Diversion: Local Government Central
Waste Diversion Planning/Reporting: Local Government Central, State Agency Waste Management   See also: Waste Diversion
Waste Hauler: Waste Tire Haulers
Waste Prevention: Waste Prevention World
Waste Reduction: Waste Reduction Home Page
Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP): WRAP Home Page
Waste Stream Analysis: See Waste Characterization
Waste Tire Enforcement: Waste Tire Enforcement
Waste Tire Hauler: Waste Tire Haulers
Waste Tire Manifest System: Waste Tire Manifest System Home Page, WTMS User Login
Waste Tires: Tire Management Home Page
Waste-to-Energy: See Transformation
Water: Water Cross-Media Coordination for Compost Use   See also: Xeriscaping
White Goods: See Appliances
Wood: Lumber Waste Information, Wood Waste Management Home Page
Worm Composting: See Vermicomposting
WRAP: See Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP)
WTMS: See Waste Tire Manifest System

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Xeriscaping: Xeriscaping Home Page   See also: Organics


Zero Waste: Zero Waste Home Page
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