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LEA Advisory #29—Attachment

Guidelines for Emptying and Burning of Pesticide Bags

Obtain an agricultural burn permit from your local air pollution control district.

Emptying Guidelines

  • Pesticide bags should be opened and emptied such that no pesticide material remains in the bag that can be poured, drained, or otherwise feasibly removed.
  • Empty the pesticide bag completely and hold the bag upside down for five seconds after continuous flow ceases.
  • Straighten out the seams so that the bag is in its original "flat" position.
  • Again, hold the bag upside down for five seconds after continuous particle flow ceases. Shake the bag twice and hold for five seconds, or until continuous flow ceases.

Pesticide Bag Burning Guidelines

  • Burn the pesticide bags only at the location specified on the agricultural burn permit.
  • Select a location that will minimize the amount of smoke blowing over areas where people or domestic animals may be located.  To select a site, consider distances to homes, parks, schools, businesses; wind speed and direction; inversions; and length of time to burn the bags.
  • Place a rock, brick, or similar noncombustible weight on top of the stack of bags to be burned.
  • Light the bottom-most bag.
  • Stand upwind of the burn site to avoid breathing the smoke.
  • Control the site until burning is completed and the fire is extinguished.

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