California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

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Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) Equipment Loan Program Guidelines and Procedures

I. Introduction

The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) developed the Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) Equipment Loan Program (loan program) to support LEA equipment needs and to fulfill the requirements of Public Resources Code (PRC), Section 43217 which states: “The board shall provide ongoing training, technical assistance, and guidance to enforcement agencies to assist in their decision-making processes.”  This assistance includes a program for loaning technical and scientific equipment, to the extent that funds are available to the CIWMB to purchase that equipment.”

Additionally, the program was developed to support LEAs whose financial or technical resources limit their ability to obtain and operate instrumentation and other technical and scientific equipment.

The specific goals of this loan program are to:

  1. Provide a reliable supply of calibrated instrumentation and other technical and scientific equipment for loan to LEAs.
  2. Provide training and technical support to LEAs.
  3. Encourage LEAs to adopt and use standardized equipment.
  4. Ensure all loaned equipment meets acceptable levels of quality control and quality assurance.
  5. Reduce cost by centralizing maintenance and repair for field equipment.
  6. Increase support and cooperation between CalRecycle and LEAs for field activities.

II. Responsibilities

The loan program is available to all LEAs certified or partially certified by CalRecycle. CalRecycle and the LEAs shall have the following responsibilities:

CalRecycle Responsibilities

  • Control, maintain, and issue loaned equipment designated in this program.
  • Ensure that all loaned equipment meets acceptable levels of quality control and quality assurance. 
  • Ship loaned equipment to LEAs.
  • Perform limited maintenance on LEA-owned instruments.
  • Provide training in the use of loaned equipment.

LEA Responsibilities

  • Use loaned equipment only for CalRecycle-related field activities.
  • Care for all loaned equipment.
  • Return loaned equipment in a timely manner for maintenance and calibration.
  • Not loan CalRecycle-owned equipment to a third party.
  • Pay for all damages, loss, and lost parts of any loaned equipment while in their possession.
  • Pay return shipping costs of the loaned equipment and to retain responsibility for the safe return shipment of the loaned equipment.
  • Participate in training as needed to support the use of such equipment.
  • Notify CalRecycle's health and safety field shop of any loss/damage/malfunction as soon as possible.

III. LEA Equipment Loan Program

The loan program makes available air monitoring instruments and equipment to LEAs. It also provides technical support and training assistance for all loaned items. The following is a list of the instrumentation and equipment available for loan:


Gas Monitoring Kit containing:

  • Gas Measuring Instruments (GMI) Gas Surveyor model #442
  • Evacuation pumps and collection bags
  • Magnehelic gauge

Radiation Dosimeters: 

  • Science Application International Corp (SAIC) model PD-10i


  • Barhole punches
  • Global positioning systems (GPS) kits
  • Digital camera kits
  • Compost thermometers/carrying case

The types, quantity, and brands of instrumentation and equipment offered by CalRecycle may change without notice.

A. Program Requirements/Terms

  • A request for equipment or services must be made on the Equipment Loan Request Form, CalRecycle 640.
  • The equipment/instrument loan is provided for a term of three (3) months to minimize maintenance requirements (cameras are loaned for 30 days maximum).
  • Provisions can be made for the exchange of an instrument for a freshly calibrated and serviced instrument after the initial three (3) months.
  • Four successive, three (3) month borrowing periods (i.e., equipment exchanges) are allowed if inventory is available.
  • Once possession is taken, the LEA is responsible for loss/damage/misuse and any consequential damages resulting from use of the equipment.
  • All equipment is available on first-come, first-served basis.
  • Under short supply or emergency situations, CalRecycle reserves the right to recall or prioritize the loan of equipment.

B. Loan Procedure

To borrow an instrument/equipment, the following procedures apply:

  1. A verbal reservation for the needed equipment may be submitted at least two (2) weeks in advance.
  2. Confirm request by submitting a completed Equipment Loan Request Form, CalRecycle 640, within seven (7) working days of verbal request. (Equipment will not be shipped without the completed form.)
  3. Equipment can be delivered either by:
    a.  Commercial carrier certified delivery (UPS, Federal Express, USPS, etc.).
    b.  LEA pick up.
    c.  Board field staff delivery (for joint inspection only).
  4. Shipment to the LEAs will be paid by CalRecycle.
  5. Notify the LEA Equipment Loan Program staff (Program staff) at the field shop within 24 hours of receiving equipment.
  6. Upon completion of instrument and/or equipment use, or the three- (3) month term, whichever comes first, the loaned item shall be returned.
  7. Notify the LEA Equipment Loan Program staff before the item is returned.
  8. LEAs are responsible for the return shipment cost. All shipments shall be insured and shipped according to CalRecycle instrument shipping/receiving procedures.
  9. Contact the LEA Equipment Loan Program staff to verify that returned equipment arrived.

C. Technical Support and Training

Technical Support. In addition to loaning equipment and instruments, the program will provide the following technical support for LEAs who possess gas measuring instrumentation, similar to that available to LEAs under the program.

  1. Repair, Maintenance, and Servicing
    Through the LEA Equipment Loan Program, LEAs may receive maintenance and service on LEA-owned instruments for models covered under CalRecycle repair contract.  Under the service contract, maintenance and service includes sensor change out, calibration, and minor repairs.  More extensive repairs can be provided at the discretion of the LEA Equipment Loan Program staff. LEAs will be provided with an assessment of the needed repair or maintenance and the estimated date for return prior to any servicing, repair, or maintenance. 
  2. Equipment Loans During Maintenance/Repairs
    CalRecycle gas monitoring instruments can be loaned to LEAs if available while the LEA’s equipment is being serviced (if equipment is needed for exchange). Loaned equipment must be returned immediately upon receipt of the LEA-owned equipment.
  3. Instrument and Equipment Consultation
    Consultation for troubleshooting and interpretation of instrument readings.

Please note that a minimum of two (2) weeks is required to perform a complete calibration with at least one (1) week of advance notice of services needed.

Training. Through this program, LEAs may obtain training on the proper use, care, and maintenance of air monitoring equipment and instrumentation. The following training classes are available:

  1. Landfill gas detection: LGM and colorimetric tube application, interpretation of data, trouble shooting, and instrument limitations.
  2. Landfill decomposition gas: air safety instrumentation.
  3. Instrument maintenance and calibration.
  4. Safe use and maintenance of barhole punches.

Formal training sessions will be provided as needed. Please contact the LEA Equipment Loan Program staff at the Horn Road Field Shop for training schedules and enrollments.

The LEA Equipment Loan Program staff may also arrange special informal training classes. The training curriculum or fiscal training calendar may be altered to fit the LEA’s specific needs or interests.

D. Reservations and Other Communications

To reserve instruments or other equipment, contact the LEA Equipment Loan Program staff. Reservations must be made at least two (2) weeks in advance of instrument need.  All reservations must be followed with submittal of the Equipment Loan Request Form, CalRecycle 640, within seven (7) days of the reservation. No loan will be made without a completed and signed request form.

The maximum cost the CalRecycle will pay for instrument repair or maintenance is at the discretion of the LEA Equipment Loan Program staff.

Communication concerning training, loaned equipment, equipment repair, maintenance or calibration, or interpretation of instrument readings should be directed to the LEA Equipment Loan Program staff.

Instrument/Equipment Shipping and Receiving Procedures


  • Please inspect package for external damage, then open carefully so that shipping materials can be reused.
  • Inspect contents. If the carrying case/shipping case is damaged or missing components, immediately notify both the carrier and the LEA Equipment Loan Program staff to begin the claim procedure.
  • If the instrument arrives safely, use the maintenance sheet to check out each instrument's functioning prior to using.
  • Please contact the LEA Equipment Loan Program staff when the shipment has been received and inspected so that it can be logged.


  • Inspect items to be returned to ensure that each is complete per content list. Check identification numbers carefully to ensure that numbers match (case & instrument).  Report any discrepancies to the LEA Equipment Loan Program staff prior to shipment.
  • Pack instrument/equipment carefully in original shipping materials and ship to:

9910 Horn Road, Suite 300
Sacramento, CA 95826
(916) 255-4525

  • Insurance: The LEA is responsible for each instrument/equipment that it ships to CalRecycle. For purposes of obtaining insurance, please check with the LEA Equipment Loan Program staff to approximate cost of replacing the instrument/equipment. Maintenance of a shipping log with all receipts is recommended in case of loss or theft while in transit. 
  • Carrier selection: At the discretion of the LEA, UPS, Federal Express or other private carrier may be used.

For further information or assistance, please contact LEA Equipment Loan Program staff.

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