California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

8th LEA/CIWMB Conference (2005)

2005 Conference Evaluation Results

Conference attendees were asked to complete an evaluation for each program attended as well as field trips. The attendee was asked to evaluate both the program and each presenter. Each program and presenter was given a ranking from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest and 1 the lowest. This table identifies the number of evaluations received for each program and presenter as well as an average rating for those evaluations received.

Presentations Program Number of Responses Average Rating
Day 1      
  Creating a Healthy Environment: The Impact of the Build Environment on Public Health 41 3.4
Dr Raymond Neutra, M.D., Dr. P.H., Department of Health Services
21 3.6
  Permits, RFIs and CEQA, Oh My! 9 4.4
Lori Braunesreither, Contra Costa County LEA
7 4.4
  Closure and Postclosure Maintenance Plans - What You Need To Know (or Secrets Revealed) 21 3.8
Mike Wochnick, CIWMB Remediation, Closure and Technical Assistance Branch
10 4.2
  Quality Inspection Reports: Good for You, Good for Them, Good for California 15 4.4
Patti Henshaw, Orange County LEA
20 4.3
Randy Styner, Orange County LEA
19 4.4
  Progress on the Development of a New In-Vessel MSW Composting Facility in Mariposa County 16 4.0
Brian Hodge, Mariposa County LEA
13 4.1
Steve Engfer, Mariposa County Department of Public Works
13 4.1
  Congratulations! It's a Burn Dump. What Do You Do Now? 14 4.4
Tim Patenaude, DTSC
24 3.9
Dorothy Rice, DTSC
23 4.1
Tammy Derby, Sacramento County LEA
15 4.2
  New LEA Orientation 101 7 3.9
Bill Prinz, City of San Diego LEA
7 4.1
Robyn Browne, Lake County LEA
7 3.9
  Partnership 2000 Efforts 8 3.3
  There is Life After Closure - Let's See How It Develops 13 4.2
Rebecca Lafreniere, City of San Diego LEA
21 4.5
Christopher Coles, P.E., Principal Construction Manager, Anchor Engineering, Inc.
21 3.9
Gee Hayre, Kleinfelder, Inc.
19 3.6
  Fundamentals of the Waste Tire Program and More 12 4.0
Marty Scholl, Calaveras County LEA
17 4.2
Maria Adney, Sacramento County LEA
16 4.4
Georgianne Turner, CIWMB Special Waste Division
17 4.1
Day 2      
  Tradeshow 35 3.9
  AB 1497 Regulatory Project and Tips on Public Hearings 12 3.9
David Thompson, Program Supervisor, City of Los Angeles
12 4.0
Dave Brummond, Supervising Environmental Health Specialist, County of Santa Barbara
13 4.1
Linda Hagthrop, Public Information Officer, Orange County Integrated Waste Management Dept.
17 4.6
  Nuclear Waste Transport From California to Nevada 7 4.6
Robert Halstead, State of Nevada
7 4.4
  Mining Multi-Agency Collaboration at New Idria Illegal Dumpsite 5 4.8
Matt Fore, San Benito County LEA
8 4.6
  Hybrid Facility or Multiple Permits? 10 4.4
Tammy Derby, Sacramento County LEA
20 4.1
  Coordinating with RWQCBs - What You Might Want to Know 7 3.9
Joe Mello, SWRCB
7 3.6
Bobbie Garcia, CIWMB
6 4.2
  Permitting Change - Reacting to Morphing Facilities and Regulations 12 4.1
Greg Pirie, Napa County LEA
22 3.9
Jacquie Adams, San Bernardino County LEA
21 3.6
  Emerging Technologies 2 4.5
Rus Miller, EnerTech Environmental, Inc.
2 4.5
Vince Canino, Adams Street Waste-to-Energy Project
2 4.5
  Code 3: Fires in Solid Waste Piles 7 4.1
Dennis Corcoran, CIWMB
9 4.1
Thomas Groseclose, City of Orange Fire Department
8 4.4
Day 3      
  Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 12 4.3
Henning Schreiber, Calaveras County Environmental Health
19 4.6
Wayne Tsuda, City of Los Angeles LEA
19 4.4
Pam Villa, San Diego County
17 4.4
  Mitigating Landfill Gas Explosion Hazards Through Continuous Monitoring 10 4.6
Cheryl Hawkins, Sacramento County LEA
17 4.7
Dawn Owens, CIWMB
17 4.4
Abel Martinez-Centeno, CIWMB
16 4.6
Glenn Young, CIWMB
17 4.5
  21st Century Approaches to Illegal Dumping 14 4.1
Ken Stuart, Director of Environmental Health, Contra Costa County
17 4.3
Robert Swift, Sonoma County LEA
18 4.3
David Altman, Placer County LEA
16 3.9
  General Session 12 4.3

What program topics did you like most?

  • Postclosure land use (8)
  • Landfill gas/gas migration/gas control issues (7)
  • 21st century approach to illegal dumping (7)
    • This is such a tough problem but at this session, I gained some ideas and some hope. I liked Ken’s "let’s brainstorm" approach and some good suggestions were made for follow-up.
  • Dennis Kalson (6): It was neat to see how our job affects other countries and a good break from ordinary topics.
  • Field trips (5)
  • Case studies (5)
  • Burn dumps (5)
  • Hybrid facilities/multiple operations (4)
  • Emerging technologies (3)
  • Inspection report writing (3)
  • AB1497 (2)
  • Tradeshow (2)
  • Permits, RFIs, CEQA, Oh My! (2)
  • All of the ones that I attended, plus I wanted to attend many others. (2)
  • Waste tire management, fundamentals of waste tire program (2)
  • Permitting changes, proper permitting (2)
  • Transporting nuclear waste
  • Open forum
  • Future zero waste
  • Matt Fore (New Idria case study)
  • Creating a health environment
  • Networking
  • Presentations with LEA experience are a good way to get relevant information.
  • Free food
  • Multi agency collaboration
  • Hard to say, I was impressed with the quality of the presentations, especially those done by LEAs.
  • Consultant presentations
  • Permitting change: reacting to morphing facilities

What changes would you make to improve the conference?

  • No cell phones during sessions (3)
  • Have only 2 concurrent sessions (2)
  • Have the tradeshow at a time when there are no other sessions.
  • Include a conference room map in the packet.
  • Provide an “always” open networking session with chairs and refreshments and have a support person in attendance.
  • More LEA case studies and lessons learned
  • Another GIS course
  • Add a track or session for directors/managers
  • LEA designations
  • Include a mid-day break
  • Please include a social/outside event, hiking, biking, and golf.
  • Add some discussion groups
  • Make the conference 2 full-days
  • It’s pretty darn great! Need to have a beach/outdoor mixer. It was too closed in.
  • Less straight repetition of rules/requirements in laws and regulations. Provide more information that can’t be obtained from reading the laws and regulations.
  • This conference was fantastic!
  • I really liked the indoor temperature (cooler).
  • Very good conference overall. There were plenty of opportunities to learn and network. Re: worthwhile topics, the only problem was the overlapping of excellent breakout sessions-not sure how to fix this? Perhaps next year partnership issues could be discussed but this year it was actually kind of nice not to have to re-hash CEQA. Next year, brainstorm of environmental compliance/enforcement problems/challenges.
  • Opening speaker should be well versed in solid waste management. This was the biggest disappointment for day 1. Everything else was superb.
  • Bus tours have a lot of on/off; the speakers at the field trips were not loud enough to hear clearly. Maybe you could have in the classroom then go in to the field to see.
  • Provide chairs during the tradeshow.
  • Provide free wireless for participants, maybe include in the price.
  • Plenary speaker could have been a little more on topic.
  • Add a half a day so that attendees will have more of an opportunity to attend other sessions which run concurrently.
  • I would have to rack my brain to find anything negative about this conference. I would suggest putting more specific program titles on the name tags (Farm and Ranch instead of Closure). The food was good and enjoyed eating lunch in the rose garden.
  • Break up the field trips into smaller groups.

Any additional comments?

  • Great location, food, rooms, conference!
  • Technical content of presentations was excellent.
  • Very well organized. Host hotel was very good.
  • Dennis Kalson’s talk was inspirational.
  • Very well done. Thanks!
  • Look forward to attending more conferences.
  • Illegal dumping, burn dump clean-up disaster issues, new technology
  • Very much enjoyed!
  • Keep it up. Great conference!
  • Great conference. It was beneficial to have more than one speaker to a session.
  • Liked the attendee list.
  • Very strong line-up of presentations.
  • Good variety of sessions, very informative and enjoyable.
  • Good conference!
  • LEA presentations were great.
  • Hotel food and beverage was great.
  • This conference was very well represented by Board staff, better than in past years.
  • When conference is in Sacramento, the local people go home which reduces the opportunities to meet others and for networking opportunities
  • Format was excellent!
  • Great balance of fun, learning, food and chocolate!
  • Great location.
  • Two tracks: 1. Problems LEAs have experienced/seen/occur and with a panel to discuss & problem solve; 2. Technical track--similar to the landfill gas program Glenn’s group presented—what/when/how regulations & N/O & equipment
  • Room temperatures were very ideal, on the cool side.
  • Facilities were very accessible.
  • A/V went smoothly.
  • Didn’t notice any problems.
  • Great to see so many directors at the conference!
  • The conference is a really good thing to do--professionalism and fun!
  • Glad to see directors in attendance and contributing.
  • Many of the sessions were related subjects with more than one presenter. I liked this. It kept the session fresh and does not require the presenter to fill time. The information was concise. Audience gets multiple points of view. Exemplifies partnership and keeps the audience interested.
  • Dennis Kalson’s presentation was very moving. It was about more than just cleaning up after a disaster. It was a broad view not unlike the plenary session.
  • Thank you.
  • Great location, great variety, A very very good job. Kudos to the AV techs. Great job to Dennis et. al.
  • I really enjoyed the 2 days that I was here. The topics were very interesting. The hotel was comfortable and the food was great.
  • Food and accommodations were excellent. Good venue near the “happiest place” on earth. The social hour with Board members present gave opportunities to get to know the Board--very important.
  • Conference program is excellent. Like the cover photos and other photos.
  • Some coffee in the afternoon of day one would be good-or did I just miss it? Food was awesome. So was the outdoor lunch!
  • Great hotel and scheduling. Nice timing with breaks, etc. Excellent speakers, good food and I appreciate the paper conservation. The mixer and dinner speaker were excellent. Very enjoyable and worthwhile.
  • This was the best one.
  • Very well organized this year. Again, good work.
  • This was the best conference that I have been to so far (in 5 years).
  • Excellent facility.
  • Very comfortable beds.
  • The who conference was painless for me. From getting my room (which was reserved ahead of time and available at 10 a.m.) to having my booth information shipped for me. Other conferences I have attended pale in comparison.
  • Nice facilities., great food, lots of food and good service.
  • Board staff--Mindy Fox on down did a great job facilitating the conference.
  • Field trips are good; entertainment activities/field trips would also be nice as socials.
  • Very informative topics, good location, good field trips. Overall a great success—thank you for coordinating.
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