California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Partnership 2000

AB 1497 Regulatory Project and Tips on Public Hearings Session Summary

Participants were given a brief overview and update on the Permit Implementation Regulations (AB 1497) project. The remainder of the session allowed participants to provide their input and ideas on one component of the project - Public Noticing and Hearings. Two interactive exercises engaged participants by asking them to work in small groups or individually.

The first exercise involved role-playing by small groups. Each group represented a specific stakeholder on the topic of "public notices". After a few minutes of small group discussion, a list of ideas was shared by each group based upon the perspective of the stakeholder they represented.

The second exercise was a survey. Each participant was asked to complete a survey that had a laundry list of ideas for public notices and hearings that pertain to permit actions, such as RFI amendments, modified permits, and permit revisions.

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