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Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting

Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting Minutes: November 18, 1999

1. Introductions were made. September minutes were approved.

2. Agenda Adjustments: Diane Kihara was coming in at 1:00 to discuss Equipment Loan Program. This was added to agenda for that time. Patti Henshaw wanted to discuss Data System and CIA Sites that will fit into agenda item (4.a). Also, she wanted to discuss Board meetings and solid waste facility permit scheduling. This was added under item 9 (other).

3. Resolution Updates:

  1. 98-07 (AB 847 and Appliances) - Will be discussed under agenda item 5.
  2. 98-09 (EAC on the Web and LEA Talk) - Will be discussed under agenda item 4.b.
  3. 99-02 (Construction & Demolition Regulations) - Got correspondence from Mr. Pennington which is greatly appreciated. Partial resolution in that regulations have been pulled. Work group for new development still needed. Will be discussed further under agenda item 4.b.
  4. 99-03 (Organics Workgroup) - CIWMB working on several portions. BMP's being developed with Cal Poly, and a draft of regulations will be ready for January informal release. No news on work group. Will be discussed further under item 4.b.
  5. 99-04 (Enforcement Regulations) - Going out for formal public review to OAL when fiscal impacts section completed--few more months away.
  6. 99-05 (Construction & Demolition Regulations) - Received correspondence from Mr. Pennington again. Greatly appreciated. Regulations pulled. CIWMB will be developing new package. Resolution resolved.
  7. 99-06 (Composting Test Data and Organics Complaints) - Bill Prinz compiling data and information. Have gotten some. Time frame: ASAP. Reps should remind LEAs. Further discussion under item 4.b.
  8. 99-07 (LEA Access to Internet) - Paul Manasjan has drafted a fine letter for Mel Knight and CCDEH's signature discussing benefits to all LEAs in their staff having ready access to internet and e-mail.
  9. 99-08 (CEQA Resolution Continuation) - Dennis and Sharon, Mel and Justin, and Ralph all communicating on continuation of Partnership 2000, including CEQA.

4. Standard Methodologies for determining compliance with "10% and source separated". It was expressed, and then discussed, that needed some standard procedures for determining the above were needed. Need some consistency and guidance. Issues may include scales, no scales (conversions), time frames, loads, etc. Discuss voluntary reporting system, how analyses and measurements are made and documented, and how, what, and when the "burden of proof" is required. Should be an advisory.

EAC passed Resolution 99-09: EAC recommends that the CIWMB develop an advisory for guidance in implementing the 10% and source separated methodology of the transfer station/processing regulations. Development should be done by a working group that includes Round Table and/or TAC representation, and a special request to include LA County. Dennis Ferrier is the EAC contact for this issue.

5. LEA and CIWMB "partnering" and CIWMB support, training and assistance roll.

  1. SWIS database problems - seems there are three different SWIS lists and there is a lot of incorrect information on these lists. The CIA list needs to be updated. What are the criteria for putting items on these lists and at what point in the permitting process should planned facilities be put on the list. This item is to be continued at the next EAC meeting
  2. Regulation development process - A flow chart is needed. Ernie Genter agreed to put together a draft chart for the next EAC meeting. This item will be continued at the next EAC meeting.
  3. Tires - October 18, 1999 letter sent to Ms. Kathleen Witchcraft, was handed out. There was some discussion about using tires for bank stabilization, however, no action was taken.
  4. Equipment loan program - CIWMB said if we have any equipment needs, besides gas monitoring equipment, we should contact Diane Kihara.
  5. Training - Gas classes scheduled for December 1999. CEQA class scheduled for sometime in the Spring of 2000. Partnership 2000 will be held in San Diego in August 2000. A class on how to deal with illegal dumping is scheduled to be held in the fall of 2000 and the Revised Permit Desk Manual is now being given priority status by the CIWMB staff.
  6. CIWMB organization chart - is still being developed. This item will be continued at the next EAC meeting.

6. Metallic discards - CCDEH is still pursuing legislation that would implement an advanced disposal fee for AB 847 type wastes. Ernie Genter handed out a page from one of his local metal recyclers that showed the impacts of AB 847.

7. Authority to gain access to closed disposal sites - the CIWMB Legal staff is having problems coming up with a final decision due to AB 59 issues. This item will be continued to the next EAC meeting.

8. OSHA referrals - there was some discussion on how to get Cal DOSH to respond to inquiries regarding the issue of workers walking on waste. Allison Reynolds and Sue Happersberger will send a referral letter to the Director of DOSH requesting an evaluation of this issue. There was some discussion on making referrals to DOSH. It was stated that photographs are an excellent tool to use when making referrals. The Title 27 revisions are still at DOSH. Their comments will come to the EAC when they are complete. This item will be continued at the next EAC meeting.

9. Facility inspection report guidance - The CIWMB is still evaluating what level of detail is necessary. This item will be continued at the next EAC meeting.

10. Problems with CIWMB agenda scheduling - there was some discussion regarding the problems that LEAs and operators are having with the extremely full CIWMB meeting agendas. Resolution 99-10 was approved. This resolution is a request that CCDEH send a letter to the CIWMB asking them to review its agenda process. Patty Henshaw agreed to draft a letter for the CCDEH (Mel Knight) to send to CIWMB. This item will updated at the next EAC meeting.

11. CEQA threshold list - Ernie discussed the lack of follow-up from the Granlibakken workshops. CEQA issues were not resolved, although some good discussion occurred and some suggestions were being developed. One suggestion was that the CIWMB develop a list of "thresholds of Significance" for solid waste projects they regularly review under CEQA. The LEAs were assured of a product from the conference and this process should be completed.

12. Next Meeting is scheduled for January 27, 2000.

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