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Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting

CIWMB Response to Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting

Response to Resolutions - 1999

Resolution 99-01

We believe these amendments are useful and will help the EAC Structures and Procedures provide more concise guidance. We agree that these changes are aligned with the goals of Partnership 2000. They reflect the views of the February 24, 1998, Meeting Summary of the Partnership 2000 Work Group and further clarify the role of the EAC and its relationship to LEAs, Round Tables and the California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH).

Resolution 99-02:

As I explained in my December 9, 1999, letter regarding EAC Resolution 99-05, on September 22, 1999, the Board voted 4-0 to deny the proposed Construction and Demolition/Inert Debris regulations. Before developing a new draft for these regulations the Board will conduct discussions with other affected agencies and interested parties. Informal workshops will follow. At this time, no workshops are scheduled. The EAC and all LEAs and other interested parties will be informed when the workshops are scheduled. For further information, please contact Mark de Bie (916) 341-6331.

Resolution 99-03:

I agree that the Organics Work Group should be expanded to include a member from each LEA Round Table and/or Technical Advisory Committee. I suggest Bill Prinz contact Jeff Watson when the individuals have been selected.

Resolution 99-04:

The Enforcement Regulations have been approved by the Board and are currently with our Legal Services Branch. They will proceed to CalEPA for final review prior to submittal to the Office of Administrative Law. They will undergo a 45-day formal public review and comment period. Our Enforcement Regulations staff contact is Brad Pennick at (916) 341-6342.

Resolution 99-05:

On September 22, 1999, the Board voted 4-0 to deny the proposed Construction and Demolition/Inert Debris regulations. Before developing a new draft, the Board will conduct further discussions with the State Water Resources Control Board, the Department of Conservation and other stakeholders. Based on this decision, staff will begin informal workshops with all interested parties. No workshops are scheduled at this time. Staff will inform LEAs, as well as other interested parties, when the workshops are scheduled. This forum will provide ample opportunity for input from all parties.

Resolution 99-06:

I agree with your proposal to have LEA Round Table representatives and/or LEA TAC representatives collect compost test data and complaint information on green waste composting, chipping and grinding, and mulch operations. This data will provide the organic materials workgroup with valuable information that can be used to help develop the draft regulation package. 

Resolution 99-07:

While this resolution is directed towards the CCDEH Solid Waste Policy Committee, I agree with the EAC proposal to ask CCDEH to send a letter to the directors of LEA programs that encourage direct internet access for all LEA staff. In the future, the internet will be the basis for electronic transfer of documents such as inspection reports. We believe internet access will be necessary for LEAs to maintain a current, accurate and comprehensive program.

Resolution 99-08:

Permitting and Inspection Branch staff have been assigned to work on the CEQA issues that were identified and discussed at the 1999 Granlibakken Conference. This project is in the formative stage and as more information becomes available staff will work with both the EAC and CCDEH to develop a working relationship to pursue resolution of these issues. In addition, we intend to include LEA information in a chapter of a revised version of the Permit Desk Manual. We will be discussing this issue further at upcoming CCDEH and EAC meetings.

Resolution 99-09

We recognize the implementation of the definitions in Title 14, Section 17402.5(b)(4), "Source Separated" and 17402.5(d)(5), "Recycling Center" were issues during the development of the Transfer/Processing Regulatory Requirements. We are assessing the best way to address the needs of LEAs and EAs in making the determinations required by these regulations. Historically, an LEA Advisory, supplemented with training, has been the vehicle used; however, we may find that other methods are more practical and useful. We will communicate with the LEA Round Tables and EAC to insure inclusion of LEA representatives in this project.

Resolution 99-10

We acknowledge the EAC's concerns regarding the Board agenda process and the time allowed for specific issues and the impacts on the LEA's scheduling, costs and other resource demands. Once we receive the description of the problems and recommendations from CCDEH Solid Waste Policy Committee, we will address this issue.

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