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Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting

Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting Agenda—September 15, 1999

10:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
CIWMB Permitting & Enforcement Division Conference Room
Sacramento, CA

1. Introductions, Approval of Last Minutes, Agenda Adjustments

2. Resolution Updates:

  1. 98-07 (AB 847 and Appliances)
  2. 99-02 (Construction & Demolition Regulations)
  3. 99-03 (Organics Workgroup)
  4. 99-04 (Enforcement Regulations)

3. C&D Regulations

  1. 15 Day Comment Period: LEA/EAC Comments
  2. CCDEH Activities and Proposals
  3. TACs

4. Palo Alto Landfill Solid Waste Facility Permit and associated issues

5. Organics

6. 1999 Granlibakken Conference (what's next, conclusions) and 2000 Conference suggestions and location.

7. Access to the Internet (F.U.)

8. Household Hazardous Waste Grants for Appliances and Household Medical Waste (F.U.)

9. Authority to gain access to closed disposal sites and to place deed restrictions on private property identified as a burn ash site (F.U.)

10. Illegal dumping fact sheet/advisory (F.U.)

11. Other

  • Operators walking on garbage to tarp trucks
  • Next meeting

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