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Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting

1999 Enforcement Advisory Council Resolutions

Resolution 99-01:

The EAC approved, by resolution, amendments to the EAC Structure and Procedures, as attached.

Resolution 99-02:

The EAC requests that the proposed Construction and Demolition Waste regulations be placed on hold and that the C&D Regulations Work Group be reconvened to re-draft the regulations to address concerns of the CCDEH-SWPC, the EAC and many LEAs throughout the State. The work group should include a representative from all LEA Round Tables and/or Technical Advisory Committees. Don Holm is the contact person for the EAC in tracking this issue.

Resolution 99-03:

The EAC recommends that the Organics Work Group be expanded to include a member from each LEA Round Table and/or Technical Advisory Committee, to be selected by each of those entities. Bill Prinz is the EAC contact person for tracking this issue.

Resolution 99-04

The Enforcement Regulations have been approved by the Board and are being prepared for submittal to OAL for 45 day formal public review and comment. There appears to be no outstanding significant issues from LEAs and the EAC in regards to the proposed regulations. However, Mike Schmaeling was selected to be the EAC contact person for tracking these regulations and any related developments.

Resolution 99-05:

This Resolution directed the Chair of the EAC to draft and send a letter regarding the proposed construction and demolition regulations, and containing certain key elements, to the Deputy Director of CIWMB P&E. That letter was drafted and sent to Julie Nauman, and was copied to Pam Bennett, Chair of CCDEH-SWPC.

Resolution 99-06:

The EAC requests that each LEA Round Table or LEA TAC collect testing data (metals and pathogens) from existing composting operations (particularly green waste composters). Also, the EAC requests that each Round Table or TAC collect the number, types or nature, and time spent for complaints LEAs have received on green waste composting, chipping and grinding, and mulch operations. This data needs to be submitted from the TACs/Round Tables to the workgroup. Each group's representative to the Organics Work Group (see EAC Resolution 99-03) should coordinate these activities.

Resolution 99-07:

The EAC supports all LEAs having ready access to the internet and requests CCDEH to send another letter to directors recommending that LEA staff all be provided ready access to the internet (both the Web and e-mail). The letter should emphasize or describe the status of internet use, the advantages of internet use, and the anticipation of electronic reporting.

Resolution 99-08

The EAC recommends that CCDEH and CIWMB develop a work group to pursue resolution of the CEQA issues that were identified and discussed at the 1999 Granlibakken Conference. The work group should include representation from planners or planning organizations.

Resolution 99-09:

The EAC recommends that the CIWMB develop an "advisory" for guidance in implementation of the 10% residual and source separated methodology of the Transfer/Processing Facilities and Operations Regulations. Development of the advisory should be completed by a workgroup that includes LEA Round Tables and/or TAC representatives, and a special request for a representative from Los Angeles County. Dennis Ferrier, City of San Jose LEA, will be the EAC contact for this project.

Resolution 99-10:

The EAC requests that CCDEH-SWPC send a letter to the Chair of the CIWMB acknowledging full and difficult Board Agendas, and suggesting that the Board review it's agenda process. The letter should suggest or recommend that the Board agendas provide time (or at least date) certain times or blocks of times for Solid Waste Facility Permit, enforcement or associated LEA issues, or that the Board hold separate meetings for these items. The letter should discuss impacts on LEA's scheduling, time away from office, costs and other resource demands with the current process. The letter should be copied to Ralph Chandler and Julie Nauman. Patti Henshaw, Orange County LEA, will draft the letter for CCDEH-SWPC approval and Mel Knight, Chair of the CCDEH-SWPC, signature.

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