California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) 

Enforcement Advisory Council

December 4 Meeting Minutes

December 4, 2000

Sue Markie, - EA
Don Holm, CCDEH
Ernie Genter, DHS, Lassen etc.
Dennis Ferrier, No. Cities
George Nakamura, CCLHO
Mike Schmaeling, Chair, So. Central LEAs
Robert McClellen
Hank Harnak, So. Central LEA
Greg Pirie, Bay Area LEAs
Bill Prinz, So. Roundtable
Leonard Grossberg, So. City LEAs
Sharon Anderson, CIWMB
Michael Bledsoe, CIWMB
Sue Happersberger, CIWMB
Janet Munger, CIWMB
Mindy Fox, CIWMB
Julie Nauman, CIWMB
Mark DeBie, CIWMB 
Bob Holmes, CIWMB

9-28-2000 minutes approved.

Resolution Updates:

A. 98-07 (AB 847)--Follow up to 00-01 and 00-05. See 00-05.

B. 99-02 (C & D Regulation Status)--Board agenda item coming up for C & D Regulations. Transfer station aspects will be incorporated into the regulations with a higher priority than the disposal aspects. Process to start where Marcia Kiesse left off. Possible text by summer 2001.

C. 99-04 (Enforcement Regulation)--Resolution complete. Update of regulation status to be given at next meeting.

D. 99-08 (CEQA)--Ernie Genter mentioned and discussed the need to follow up on outstanding CEQA issues. Several issues still not addressed from CEQA sessions conducted at the 1999 Granlibakken Conference. Ernie handed out a sheet listing ongoing/continuing CEQA issues. Most of the discussion revolved around the role of responsible agency. Robert McClellen discussed a situation in San Joaquin Co. that needed direction on the appropriate type of CEQA document. Mark DeBie said if you specifically ask CIWMB for guidance on what type of document is necessary, they (CIWMB) can assist you. Mark mentioned that responsible agencies can review a project for any and all environmental effects listed in the document. There was some discussion on what the responsible and lead agency can and cannot comment on.

E. 99-09 (Two Part Test)--LEA Advisory upcoming for LEA guidance. Dennis Ferrier questioned the applicability of the two part test, including:

  • How to carry out the test
  • Have an option not to weigh the waste
  • Can operators actually do this
  • What weight conversion to use
  • Residual wastes and source separated accounts
  • How to regulate

F. 00-01 (Follow up to 98-07)--See 00-05.

G. 00-03 (Authority under PRC 44002)--Mark DeBie forwarded information to Julie Nauman for review. There appears to be a disagreement between West Supplemental and Dearings listing of statutes. CIWMB to send letter to Dearings noting the mistake. Update at next meeting.

H. 00-04 (Enforcement Regulations)--Complete.

I. 00-05 (E-Waste)--Michael Bledsoe indicated DTSC must make a call on hazardous materials. Board Member Paparian is taking the lead on the subject.

J. 00-06 (Follow up to 99-09)

CIWMB Updates

A. Staffing Changes and Revised Phone Number List

Julie Nauman has resumed the duties of Deputy Director of the Permitting and Enforcement Division. New phone list distributed with new EPA building phone numbers. Some staff are still without phones and are having to share.

B. Training Activities

Mindy Fox spoke on the upcoming training, including Illegal Dumping, offered November through January, and 2001 LEA/CIWMB Conference to be held at Granlibakken August 21-23, 2001.

C. Permit Toolbox

Jon Whitehill is still moving forward with creating this useful tool. Input on specific sections of the Toolbox can be forwarded to Jon. Anticipated completion is scheduled for March 2001.

D. Operator Certification

No update.

E. CAL-EPA Certification

No update. Meeting is scheduled for next week.

F. Odor Survey Results

Still in progress in coordination with SWANA. Cal Poly has prepared a resource guide to be out late summer of 2001.

G. New CIA Group

Glen Young gave a PowerPoint presentation on this new group. He will have a complete staff, including engineers, to assist LEAs in site identification, assessment and potential cleanups.


A. EAC--Minutes posted on the CIWMB Website. To be started with assistance from Sue Happersberger.

B. EAC--Coverage of CIWMB Meetings. Sue Markie is willing to takes notes at Board meetings for certain agenda items of importance.

C. Compost Odor Complaints and AQMD--Jeff Watson attended a meeting put on by AQMD in So. Cal. Interests in every identifiable source of odor: compost, mulch etc. Looking at control of NOx, SOx, PM10, ammonia, C/N ratios. Taking direction from US EPA. Also with compost, draft regulations are available. An agenda item and possible 45-day review to begin in February 2001. Jeff Watson to give all jurisdictions a camera to take digital pictures of compost facilities. Send pictures back to Jeff.

D. CIWMB Policies

1. PEP--Patti Henshaw, Ernie Genter and Sue Markie working on focus groups.

2. Food Waste--Internal Board workshop and issue paper on CalBiomass in progress. Dennis Ferrier, Sue Markie and Bill Prinz working on this issue.

3. E-Waste--Board member Paparian is spearheading the status of e-waste and an internal e-waste committee has been formed.

4. Burn Dumps--Continued to next meeting as time ran out.

5. Resolution 00-07 was passed. This resolution states that the EAC would like to be involved in the process of evaluating Board policies.

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