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Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting

Minutes: Enforcement Advisory Council Meeting—January 27, 2000

Sadie Galos was asking for volunteers to assist with the planning of the LEA/CIWMB conference scheduled for August 29, 30, and 31 at the Catamaran Hotel in San Diego. She was looking for representatives from each Roundtable for participation in scoping sessions for topics and planning entertainment activities

Resolution Updates:

98-07 (AB 847 and Appliances and legal request): CCDEH recommended statutory changes including a pre-disposal fee to defer special handling costs of the hazardous components. CIWMB legal staff has not responded to this issue. The EAC recommended that household hazardous waste grant monies should be used in the interim.

98-09 (EAC on the Web and LEA Talk): EAC is on the Web. CIWMB staff stated that LEATalk is under utilized due to lack of confidentiality. Many LEAs have subscribed to the list server to receive LEATalk postings. Many LEAs are sending out e-mail requests for information.

99-02 (Construction & Demolition Regulations Workgroup): There are no immediate plans to convene a work group to revisit these regulations. Workgroup contact duties and workgroup list forms were discussed.

99-03 (Organics Workshop): Two LEA representatives (Charlie Byrd-North and Bill Prinz-South) will report back to the EAC. LEAs need to participate in regulation preparation. A proposed grid for slotting Chipping and Grinding sites was distributed.

99-04 (Enforcement Regulations): Regulation package was at Cal EPA for review of fiscal impacts. Should be back in mid February to begin 45-day review process.

99-06 (Composting Tests and Organics Complaints): Compilation of Organics test data from southern LEAs was completed. The CIWMB with Cal Poly San Luis Obispo was preparing a survey of LEAs and operators to determine impacts of complaints and effectiveness of controlling odors from composting sites. Task completed. Various feedstocks were discussed.

99-07 (LEA access to the Internet): A letter was sent out from the California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH) to urge Environmental Health Directors to allow staff to access Board correspondence via the Internet.

99-08 (CEQA Resolution Continuation): Jeannie Blakeslee was polling panelists to address this issue for CIWMB. CEQA training scheduled for Spring. Training to include LEAs and their respective Planners.

99-09 (10% and Source Separated Advisory): Beatrice Poroli would head up the workgroup to develop this proposed advisory.

99-10 (Board Agendas and LEA Items): Request sent to CCDEH to resolve issue of scheduling LEA items on Board agendas. CCDEH to follow up on this item.

Authority, Access and Clean-ups at Closed Site - CCDEH dialogue with Lisa Brown of Cal EPA re: Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) and burn sites. 2136 laws apply to burn sites and Advisory #56 is still in place. No certainty if RSUs will revert most burn ash to Non-Hazardous status. The CIWMB is looking for more help in-kind services from locals prior to approval of 2136 projects; approximately 25% should be provided. Cost recovery and loans will become preferred fund transfer mechanisms. LEAs are concerned about long term responsibility for sites remediated by DTSC. Who has ultimate responsibility? It was suggested that the CIWMB Closure Group be brought back to help with these issues. More coordination of technical resources from Cal EPA would be helpful in resolving these issues. O.E.H.A. involvement was discussed.

Elaine Novak will be processing EAC travel claims.

Long Term Violation Policy was discussed. Workshops on this issue were to be scheduled for April.

OSHA Referrals - Walking on Waste-This and other OSHA referral issues were awaiting a response from OSHA. Diane Kihara was the Board's OSHA liaison.

SWIS Database Issue - Bernie Vlach discussed the SWIS redesign project and that the purpose of it was to develop a new automation platform to better correlate databases and document business practices. The redesign would allow for more LEA interfacing with SWIS data.

Procedure Manuals (Permit Desk Manuals, Hearing Panels, others) - The Permit desk manual will be coming out soon. The Hearing Panel advisory is being reviewed to avoid the appearance of being an underground regulation. Mike Schmaeling has an electronic version of the HP manual. SIP forms will soon be on the WEB.

Hearing Panel Training - This issue will be held over until the next meeting.

Street Sweepings Advisory - This is being reviewed by Brian Larimore for consistency with proposed organic recycling regulation changes.

Next Meeting: March 30, 2000

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